Ukraine Sells Donated CryptoPunk NFT for $100,000

Ukraine comes in hot as the first country to sell NFTs on a blockchain, generating $100,000. The sale of cryptoPunk tokens was conducted via a decentralized exchange that allowed investors to trade them at any time – and with no third party involved.

The “cryptopunk nft marketplace” is a website where you can buy and sell NFTs. The site has been around since the beginning of 2018. The website is run by Ukrainian company, CryptoPunk. In October 2018, they sold a Donated CryptoPunk NFT for $100,000.

The CryptoPunk NFT that Ukraine’s cryptocurrency wallet got in March as part of the nation’s crypto fundraising effort has now been formally sold. Alex Bornyakov, the nation’s deputy minister of digital transformation, revealed the sale of the Punk earlier this week. He said that the Punk in question, no. 5364, was sold for 90 ETH (about $100,000) to an unidentified bidder.

Despite the fact that $100,000 will undoubtedly help Ukraine defend itself against invading Russian troops, the nation has been unable to benefit from the Punk when it was at its most lucrative because to the present bearishness of the NFT market (nor would it have been able to do so any time soon).

In fact, the Punk was originally valued at $233,000 when it was transferred to Ukraine’s crypto wallet back in early March (when the price of ETH was hovering around $2,700), which means less than half of its expected value has been captured through its recent sale, according to DeepNFTValue, a blog that uses machine learning to estimate prices of rare NFTs. 

Despite the bear market impeding Ukraine’s attempts to maximize its cryptocurrency profits, the nation has still been able to raise more than $135 million through crypto and NFT donations since February, with the sale of a single Ukraine flag NFT for $6.75 million serving as the project’s high point. 


A Ukrainian company has sold a donated crypto-punk NFT for $100,000. The sale was made through the blockchain to raise funds for charity. Reference: crypto punks nft.

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