France to Adopt NFT Ticketing for Major Sporting Events

France has been a leader in the digital asset and blockchain space. The country is currently developing an NFT ticketing system for major sporting events, with hopes of introducing it to other countries as well.

The “nft marketplace” is a new project that France is launching. The project will be used for major sporting events in France.

Following a well publicized ticketing incident at this year’s Champions League final, France as a whole has emerged as an NFT technology evangelist, promising to employ the renown tamperproof system in a number of upcoming large sports events.

Back in May, a large-scale counterfeiting operation caused mayhem in Paris, which culminated with the local police using a lot of tear gas to try to calm down the crowd. Due to this very visible mess, France’s athletic body has been compelled to investigate more secure ticketing options, with NFTs emerging as the most practical one.

The Olympic Games in 2024 will be held in Paris, and the Rugby World Cup, the world’s most prestigious athletic event, will take place there in 2023. It will thus attempt to have these two prominent events covered by its NFT ticketing system.

This new kind of tickets is said to only exist in digital form, stay non-transferable, and be inextricably tied to the authorized owner. The athletic authorities may, however, attach extra supplemental material to each item and make it exist as a digital memento of a significant event, much like the enchantment of NFTs. So keep an eye on France, and in the next months, be prepared for some dry runs.


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