Yoseo NFT Pawn Shop – A First of its Kind Metaverse Space

This is a unique pawn shop in the world of NFTs. It gives players the opportunity to buy and sell digital goods with each other, all while buying into virtual worlds.

The “Yoseo NFT Pawn Shop – A First of its Kind Metaverse Space” is a space that uses the new generation of blockchain technology. The space allows users to create, trade and sell their own digital assets.

Yoseo Pawn Shop is the first NFT Pawn Shop to appear in the metaverse. Through its objective to reward its members while also letting them to enjoy its virtual Pawn Shop locations around Decentraland and The Sandbox, the project provides a novel alternative to the environment. 

The project will issue two kinds of NFTs, each of which will be rewarded monthly to its owners. Let’s take a look at the possibilities for collectors.

The Collections of Gold and Silver 

Yoseo Pawn Shop NFTs are available in two collections, both of which allow users to generate a passive income by owning them. 

The Gold Collection is the first collection, and it includes 1,000 NFTs made up of over 200 qualities. The NFT holders will share ten percent of Pawn Shop’s monthly income. The Silver Collection, which has 10,000 NFTs derived from over 500 features, is the second category. The project’s monthly proceeds will be distributed 50/50 among the 10,000 NFTs in the collection.

The remaining 40% of earnings will be paid to developers (10%), marketing and exposure campaigns (10%), and expanding the loan pool (10%). (20 percent ). These proportions may be adjusted to maximize the project’s future success as well as the cash provided for the community (in line with profit increases). This will make investing in future metaverse expansions and expanding the loan pool easier. 

Those that acquire several Yoseo Pawn Shop NFTs will also get additional benefits, as those with five Gold Collection NFTs and five Silver Collection NFTs will be allowed access to the project’s inner circle of decision makers, as well as its whitelist.

The Drops

Gold Collection NFTs are now available for purchase, with each digital asset costing 0.1 ETH. 

The mint for Silver Collection NFTs will open on April 12th, but only 9,500 will be available for purchase, with 500 allocated for pre-sale access and numerous prizes.


As of April 2022, the project plans to purchase ten 1 x 1 LANDs in Decentraland for Pawn Shops and Portals, as well as ten 1 x 1 LANDs in The Sandbox for Pawn Shops and Portals.

The virtual building of the Pawn Shops in Decentraland and The Sandbox will be conducted in Stage 2, which runs from April through September. Other initiatives, such as the creation of a Pawn Shop website as an alternative to Decentraland and The Sandbox, will also take place.

During this period, the project seeks to acquire one LAND plot in Infinity Void, as well as grow and extend its virtual land plots each month, in order to boost the holders’ monthly revenue. 



Two desired co-founders who run the show, a professional site designer and SDK expert, a holistic community builder, and a social media specialist make up the project’s doxxed crew. 

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The “crypto pawn shop” is a new space that has been created by the creator of the popular NFTs game, Yoseo. The space is called “Yoseo NFT Pawn Shop”. It’s a first of its kind metaverse space.

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