Minting Guide
  1. Have installed Metamask, Trust Wallet or any other supported wallet on your device
  2. Make sure you are on (make sure to use actual window as incognito might not work)
  3. Double-check that you have enough Ethereum in your wallet to cover the transaction’s total cost, including gas fees.
  4. Press “connect your wallet” and chose the wallet you want to use
  5. You’ll be prompted to sign for your purchase when you click the mint button. Every transaction concerning the price of gasoline will incur a fee. (if in some cases it did not take you to the app automatically open the wallet manually, sign the transaction and go back to the mint page)
  6. Chose the quantity you want to mint and press “Mint” Note: If you done all of the above and stuck on mint page and nothing happens for 5 minutes most likely you have not enough ETH for Gas fee. If you have any problems regarding mint head to Mintersbay Discord community – Open Ticket and Describe your issue our team will be more than happy to assist you
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