Spells of Genesis Drops Askian Door NFT Collection

This week marks the release of one of the most anticipated games ever for cryptogamers, Spells of Genesis. The game has enjoyed mixed reviews so far with some players saying it is too slow paced compared to other mobile casino/RPGs and others praising its unique approach to crypto gaming. Overall, this NFT collection offers a good overview on what’s in store for blockchain-powered games in 2016 and beyond.

Spells of Genesis is a trading card game that uses blockchain technology. The game has recently released a new set of cards called “Askian Door NFT Collection”. This collection includes cards that are not tradable and cannot be bought or sold on the market.

This month marks the fifth anniversary of Spells of Genesis (SoG). The Askian Door was built in collaboration with Nabiya Studios by the Swiss gaming studio EverdreamSoft, creators of the SoG fantasy game. The Askian Door is a set of 14 voxelized NFTs that includes 8 renowned figures such as Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of the blockchain, Sir Ether, and Doge. The scarcity ratio of these NFTs will be the same as that of SoG cards.

The Askian Door NFT collection will be on sale to the general public on The Sandbox marketplace on April 13th at 3PM UTC. EverdreamSoft is giving everyone who takes part in the drop early access to a new experience on the EverdreamSoft estate, which should be available by the end of the year, to commemorate the 5th anniversary. A giveaway will be held, with the winner receiving the renowned SIACARD, a classic SoG card from 2017.

SoG is one of the first mobile blockchain play-to-earn games, in which players gather, trade, and combine orbs to form the best team and battle their opponents while exploring the mythical realm of Askian. 

Will you be the one to take one of the classic figures through the Askian Door?


Spells of Genesis is a game that has been released on Google Play and the App Store. The game will allow players to earn crypto by playing it. Reference: spells of genesis earn crypto.

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