OpenSea Updates its Duplication Controls and Verification Process

OpenSea, an exchange for NFTs which includes a marketplace to purchase and sell digital collectibles, has released updates on its verification process. The update simplifies the verification process and allows users more time with their funds while they wait for approval.

OpenSea, a marketplace for trading NFTs and other digital assets, has updated its collection approval process. The new system will help to prevent spam by requiring users to verify their account before they can post items.

OpenSea, the NFT trading behemoth, is finally getting its act together and addressing the age-old issue of platform fraud. As a result, changes to its verification process and duplication detection techniques are being implemented.

To begin, OpenSea will target blatant plagiarism, which it affectionately refers to as “CopyMints.” To do this, the company will use image detecting algorithms that considers mirrored and rotated photos, as well as human interaction to make the ultimate decision.

In the field of NFTs, copying and imitation are becoming more common.

On OpenSea, we’re implementing adjustments today to improve authenticity and reduce copymints.

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May 11, 2022 โ€” OpenSea (@opensea)

Second on their list, OpenSea has overhauled its certification method. Verification will be applied at both the account and collection level in the future, using a two-tiered approach. Initially, all accounts with a trading volume of above 100 ETH will get an invitation to apply for the program, which will appear as a blue banner at the top of the OpenSea window.

Users must next complete the mandatory processes of uploading a profile photo, naming the account, registering an email address, and connecting a Twitter account. Following that, they will be considered for inclusion by OpenSea. Users may apply for a collection level badge after they have their account level blue check mark. Basically, the same 100 ETH rule and setup procedure apply.

Members should be aware that the new program is still in its early stages and will get more demanding as time goes on.

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Recently, OpenSea has updated its duplication controls and verification process. This update is a result of the recent changes to the OpenSea platform. The “opensea authentication required” will be replaced by the “verification process.”

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