Netflix Fraudster Anna Delvey Launches NFT Collection

Anna made headlines earlier this year when she was accused of stealing more than $2.6 million in loans and cried fraud to avoid prosecution. Now, Anna is launching a new collection of artworks on the blockchain – but some are skeptical as her latest project seems “too good” to be true.

Anna Sorokin is a fraudster who has been accused of taking over $200,000 from her friends and family. Recently she launched an NFT collection on the blockchain.

Anna Sorokin (a.k.a. Anna Delvey), the heroine of Netflix’s popular docudrama miniseries ‘Inventing Anna,’ has launched an NFT collection in the aftermath of her four-year imprisonment in an attempt to reinvent her image. The collection was begun earlier this week when the false German heiress was being imprisoned in an ICE immigration detention center for overstaying her U.S. visa. She was found guilty of scamming banks and hotels out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

The collection, which has the same name as the Netflix series that made her famous, was released on Wednesday on its own mint website and consists of 2000 ‘Anna Card’ NFTs for 0.1 ETH each. Each NFT comes with a variety of privileges, including access to private livestreams and phone chats with Anna, as well as a dynamic artwork produced by alternative American artist Johnny Ryan. 

Three of the collection’s 2000 assets are of the ‘ultra platinum’ sort, which we may infer can only be obtained by blind minting, despite the fact that the mint site does not expressly promote their presence. The assets will provide their fortunate owners the opportunity to meet Sorokin in person, as well as receive unique personal gifts from her. 

In the future, holders may anticipate further presents in the form of airdrops and other means. The rewards will be determined by each holder’s level of participation in the initiative, with the length of time spent holding Anna Cards determining how many presents each community member will get. However, like with many NFT projects, future promises are a common tactic used by con artists, so don’t accept the project’s flexible roadmap as gospel.


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