Madonna Set to Headline World of Women NFT NYC Party

One year after the World of Women event, MCDONALD’S is returning as a sponsor and will be hosting this party with an expected 10,000 in attendance. The event is aiming to bring together women who are leaders in their fields and create opportunities for collaboration between them all.

Madonna, fresh off a contentious NFT collection highlighting her favorite body parts, will now fly to NFT NYC, where she will perform on the World of Women stage at the largest NFT event of the year.

The major jamboree will take place in an opulent celebration of Pride Month, beginning at 10 p.m. on June 23 and lasting until the early hours of the morning. Those with a non-fungible WoW or WoWG token, however, are the only ones who can buy tickets. *Checks Madonna’s official wallet* None of which the enigmatic diva possesses.

Holders may use the Tokenproof platform to redeem tickets for the special event. However, it is believed that in order to claim, applicants would need to provide proper identification. Items will then be soul linked to the person who claimed them, and will not be transferrable across wallets.

@tokenproof is already selling tickets for our NFT NYC side events!

Please read this topic carefully before claiming your tickets.

— June 14, 2022, World of Women (@worldofwomennft)

Madonna has had a big influence on the NFT world in the previous six months. First, an unique NFT cover showcasing a stylized take of ‘Material Girl’ in collaboration with Billboard and WoW. Then, with a $460k Ape buy, I joined the BAYC club. All of this happened before Beeple, a notorious NFT artist, teamed up with her for her absurd ‘Mother of Creation’ collection.

Redeem tickets for the NFT NYC WoW Party >> Here


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