London Based Ghanaian Artist Marfo Releases New NFT Collection: Strangers

A creative mind by the name of Marfo is responsible for a recent NFT release. The artist has released an original collection, giving his fans and followers more options than any other NFP company on the market today. His work is as innovative and fresh as ever, with a new aesthetic to keep things exciting.,

The “music nfts” is a collection of NFTs that is based on the music of London-based Ghanaian artist Marfo. The collection includes 9 tracks from his latest album and 3 remixes.

In partnership with London-based gallery JD Malat Gallery, Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo is due to reveal official mint dates for his NFT series ‘Strangers,’ which will be minted during April 2022.

Art and Marfo

Because of the use of block colors, bold forms, and the cultural hybridity of his figures, Marfo’s work has been dubbed “the future of modern African art.” 

Marfo’s work is inspired by his childhood environment, therefore traditional Akan artefacts, sculptures, and carvings all appear in his works. Marfo employs Akan art to emphasize social problems such as inequities, religion, politics, and spiritualism. Akan art is indigenous to the Akan people of West Africa, and it is used by Marfo to highlight social issues such as inequalities, religion, politics, and spiritualism. 

His ‘Strangers’ NFT collection is a method for him to share an inspirational vision of the individuals he encountered on his voyage from West Africa to London.

For Marfo, his ‘Strangers’ collection exemplifies society’s continuing change. He regards art as a communication tool that allows him to bring attention to important societal concerns and opinions on delicate topics.

Here’s how Marfo explains the artwork for his future collection, which will be released in April 2022:

“Rather of creating likenesses of actual people, I concentrate my painting on figures from my dreams and childhood recollections, allowing me to create characters that are not based on reality.” I work in this manner not just to honor my early visual recollections based in Akan cultural iconography, but also to make the ideas covered in Strangers more approachable to the audience.”


NFTs and Marfo

NFTs, according to Marfo, are a method to reach out to new individuals and pique their interest in art, whether it’s for financial purposes or for those who have a genuine love for the arts. He also thinks that as more people get interested in the sector, NFTs will become a new frontier of communication for artists and the rest of the world.

The NFT collection of ‘Strangers’ by Marfo is made possible by JD Malat Gallery, which has hosted over 1,000 artists from around the United Kingdom. Marfo is now represented just by JD Malat Gallery, but his NFTs have the potential to reach and inspire millions of people throughout the world.

Marfo’s work will be minted from April 2022 to April 2023, and will be constructed using a base of 250 unique features dispersed by an algorithm to create unique NFTs. 

Marfo’s work is founded on three pillars:

  • Marfo’s artistic vision aims to increase the exposure of his work through forging new relationships.
  • Marfo’s mission is to aid children and others in need, thus a portion of the revenues will be donated to a charity of their choosing.
  • NFTs bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, allowing Marfo’s work to go out beyond conventional forms of art and reach a new audience.

To all those who are involved in Kojo Marfo’s works, he wishes to send a message of optimism and understanding. Take some time to stop and think on your life’s path.

Please visit Kojo Marfo’s website or follow him on Twitter for more information on his next collection, including specific mint dates and NFT pricing.

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