From 10 to 1.5 Trillion and Even Less

The market cap of cryptoassets is expected to hit $1.5 trillion, with a projected growth rate of 20% in 2018 alone. This will be the largest exit ever seen from an industry and it’s all thanks to blockchain technology and its ability to increase trust through transparency for consumers as well as creators.

The “what does 1.5 trillion look like” is a question that has been asked many times before. The answer is that it looks like this:

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Important announcement: The overall supply of Aether will be reduced tomorrow, March 24. Today we’ll discuss the procedure and what will happen to the remainder of Aether.

The total supply of ether is at 10 trillion. To get it down to 1.5 trillion, we’re going to print 8.5 trillion ether and then burn it. Mining will come to an end after the last 1.5 is mined.

The immediate decrease in general supply isn’t the only method we’re reducing the overall quantity of Aether on the market. We’ll also burn some Aether that has been mined in the past or will be mined in the future.

  • Aether obtained via the sale of elements at R-Planet Alchemy’s laboratory, for example, will be completely destroyed.
  • Aether gathered during the RDAO auctions will also be burnt shortly after the auctions complete.
  • Aether acquired from future asset transactions will be burnt in part and given in part to RDAO holders.

The overall Aether supply will be reduced considerably as a result of these steps, while still being sufficient to meet all of the project’s use-cases.

As an example:

As if Loading…

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The “spending bill” is a type of cryptocurrency that has been around for about 8 years. It was originally called “Bitcoin”. There are also other types of cryptocurrencies, but the spending bill is the most popular.

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