Zynga to Release its First Mobile NFT Games Later This Year

Zynga’s new line of games will feature in-app purchases, letting players spend real money on digital items such as a sword or epic mount. These NFTs can also be traded with other gamers anywhere in the world for cryptocurrency.

Zynga is releasing its first mobile NFT games later this year. Zynga has been releasing a lot of games that are in the crypto category, so it’s no surprise that they’re adding more.

Zynga, the mobile gaming behemoth, has announced that its first NFT and blockchain games will be released later this year. As a consequence, the Farmville creator will produce a series of completely new games designed just for the emerging technology.

Despite the response from its competitors, Zynga believes that NFTs have a bright future in the gaming business. However, since players openly despise mobile games, it may avoid the normal Twitter storms. Regardless, it will not seek to retrofit blockchain technology into its current titles at this time. Instead, they choose to design wholly new games with a crypto-based mechanism that is completely optional.

Last year, the multibillion-dollar corporation grabbed headlines when it announced the formation of a specialist crypto division. Matt Wolfe, a gaming veteran, is at the head, backed up by a 15-person team of crypto experts. However, as the initiative progresses until 2022, Zynga has indicated that it expects to grow to over 100 users.

Take Two, another crypto-curious industry heavyweight, has filed a takeover attempt for the tenacious gaming platform. As a result, it has made a hefty $12.7 billion bid to buy the firm. Whatever happens, the next twelve months are going to be a crazy trip for crypto gamers.


Zynga, a gaming company which is currently worth $11 billion, plans to release its first mobile NFT games later this year. The games will be released on the App Store and Google Play. Reference: upcoming nft games.

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