Zed Run Goes for Gold with Acquisition and Imminent Token Launch

Since its inception, the platform has been on a journey to revolutionize mobile gaming and blockchain. Today it is launching an ICO for its massive project, Zed Run Goes For Gold with Acquisition and Imminent Token Launch that will have vaults of gold tokens available in Q4 2018!

The “zed run token price” is the price of ZRX, a cryptocurrency for the mobile game Zed Run. The company has just announced that it has acquired and is planning to launch its own token in the near future.

The wonderful animals at the ZED RUN stable have gotten Q3 off to a roaring start. Before announcing the impending launch of the native Zed Run governance token, parent firm Virtually Human Studio (VHS) first acquired the services of horse racing analytics platform, Know Your Horses.

An airdrop will reward long-term NFT holders on the virtual horse racing platform, with horse type and ownership duration all playing a part in the potential windfall. After months of anticipation and a string of delays, ZED RUN will abandon caution as it prepares to unleash the ZED Token to the world.

Q3 has begun. @zed run’s ZED Token is coming. https://t.co/lbNDWSLH64

July 4, 2022 — ZED Token (@ZEDtoken)

Additionally, Know Your Horses, a top ZED RUN analytics software, has been taken over by the VHS team. A move that will see some of its trademark statistics immediately interact with the ZED RUN platform and maybe offer a more in-depth examination of those fantastical horses, made possible by increased access to the ZED RUN information.

These two actions by the VHS ecosystem show that the market is positive overall. Therefore, ZED RUN and its related infrastructure are moving forward at full speed even as many blockchain firms try to scale down in reaction to the present situation.


The “zed run changes” is a new token that has been acquired by Zed Run. The token will be released in the near future, and it is expected to have a high value.

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