Yuga Labs Files Lawsuit Against Bored Ape NFT Slanderer

Yuga Labs, the company that created CyBit and also owns MyCryptoBuddy, filed a lawsuit against Bored Ape on July 10th. The complaint claims copyright infringement over their game “My Crypto Buddy,” which they say replicates Yuga’s product without authorization.

Yuga Labs, a cryptocurrency startup that has been accused of being a scam, filed a lawsuit against Bored Ape. The founder of the company is also suing Bored Ape for defamation. Read more in detail here: yuga labs founder.

Ryder Ripps, an American conceptual artist, programmer, and expert on cyber culture, has been the target of a 43-page testimony filed by Yuga Labs, the group behind the always active BAYC project. The evidence makes many claims that constitute defamation, efforts to diminish the value of the enterprise, and the unauthorized use of BAYC IP. 

The creators of BAYC, who go by the aliases Gordon Goner and Gargamel, claim that Ripps has been “scamming” customers and “trying to devalue” the company’s legitimate NFTs by introducing his own identical NFT line in an effort to lower BAYC’s ranking in market charts. The derivative collection also makes use of an NFT marketplace called “Ape Market,” which according to Yuga Labs contains official BAYC IP without authorization.

The justification for Ripps’ scheme to overthrow the well-known NFT collection is based on his theory that the project has a variety of overtones that relate to concerns of racism and Nazism. These charges cover a broad range of topics, including the founders’ assumed names, the Bored Ape NFT characteristics’ symbolism, the debut date of the Otherside project, and even the BAYC logo’s striking resemblance to the Nazi Totenkopf sign. The work of Ripps is available on his website, which utilizes Gordon Goner’s name in its domain address to improve SEO.

Since the statement also mentions any “others” who may have been engaged, one of the persons mentioned in the testimony is almost probably American YouTube researcher Philion, who made an hour-long video that effectively outlined all of Ripps’ theories. Additionally, the film closed with the hashtag BURNBAYC, which encourages owners of Bored Apes to burn their revered gorillas. 

After learning of these charges, the Yuga Labs crew, which consists of a group of Jewish, Turkish, Pakistani, and Cuban pals, created the California complaint, which reads: “This is no monkey business… These activities are planned, deliberate, and willful with the express objective to damage Yuga Labs and the owners of genuine Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs both physically and financially.

Although the collection’s 24-hour sales volume has been slowly rising over the last several days, Ripps’ efforts have not yet yielded the desired results.

Read Gordon Goner’s blog post on the matter >>  Here


Yuga Labs Files Lawsuit Against Bored Ape NFT Slanderer. The “yuga labs revenue” is a company that has been accused of being a scammer by the “XRP Community.”

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