Yield Guild Games Partners With New Play-to-Earn Racing Game, Nitro League

Yield Guild is a blockchain gaming platform that offers players the ability to earn real-world assets while playing games. Gaming companies can use Yield’s proprietary game widget, which connects their app with our player token ecosystem and allows users to build up in-game asset ownership without any registration or signup needed.

Yield Guild Games is a new game that partners with New Play-to-Earn Racing Game, Nitro League. The game has been developed by the team at Yield Gaming. Yield Gaming is an online gaming company that was founded in 2015 and has quickly become one of the most popular companies in the industry.

Nitro League, a mobile-first, decentralized racing game based in the Metaverse where players can earn tokens by racing competitively or informally exploring other in-game features, has teamed with Yield Guild Games (YGG). The game is supported by a team that has been developing games for decades, with the goal of supporting the play-to-earn ecosystem and launching a high-quality, long-lasting, and engaging NFT game.

YGG has acquired NITRO governance tokens worth $50,000 and will be purchasing assets in Nitro League. As the guild expands its reach throughout the Metaverse, this is another step toward providing members of the community with a broad and varied assortment of games to pick from.

Nitro League intends to link with YGG’s play-to-earn community as part of a quest to build a huge virtual economy where community-owned assets may be maximized via this cooperation.

“Given their enormous contacts across the gaming community, we’re pleased to join with YGG,” said Zaynab Tucker, CEO of Nitro League. “We’re excited to broaden our reach and get a greater knowledge of the individuals that make the game what it is – the players.”

The racing game aims to address issues that traditional games have, such as pay-to-win, poor character balancing, and unbalanced matching. The team’s goal is to use blockchain to make every part of the game decentralized, allowing the game to be completely community-owned.

Nitro League will be able to interact with the player base to try to produce the optimal user experience for the game since YGG users have expertise playing a variety of games.

Nitro League, which is set to debut in Q2 of 2022, will include spectacular and futuristic NFT automobiles created just for racing. They may be raced online, traded in the marketplace, or displayed, among other things. Rare components may also be added to cars to improve their market value.


A player must first join a clan before they may begin racing. Players get Reputation Points (RP) when they win a race, but they may also lose them if they don’t perform well. There will be a decline of RP if a player reaches a certain rank and then quits playing. This would demote them to a lesser rank in order to assist other active gamers in advancing through the tiers. Racers are given a badge by the clan depending on their RP to show their rank in the game. Players may move clans at any moment, although doing so has repercussions, such as the loss of clan-specific bonuses.

There are three distinct race modes available in Nitro League. The free-to-play option may be utilized to improve your racing skills and get recognition. Individual racers compete in solo races to win money. Finally, team tournaments are also play-to-earn opportunities, but with more stakes.

Competing in solo and team competitions will earn you “blueprints.” They are the primary means of reproduction and are used to personalize and create automobiles. Nitro League is also connected to the Metaverse, allowing users to use their NFT in the game. Players may also manage improvements, store assets, park their vehicles, exhibit other NFTs, and visit pals in the garage.

For a realistic athletic experience, game players will be able to arrange and host racing events and other activities, as well as broadcast them online. Nitro League will also encourage sponsors and advertising to contribute to the developers’ efforts to keep delivering fresh, high-quality content to the Nitro Metaverse.

The team’s major goal is to give possibilities for participants to stake tokens. Players may buy a membership using tokens to advance quicker in the game and gain higher prizes.

NITRO is the game’s principal utility token. Players may use these tokens to unlock prize multipliers and unique races by staking them. More features will become accessible as racers continue through the game. Designing tracks, forming a clan, and getting people to join a clan are all examples of this.

Check out Nitro League’s website, whitepaper, Discord, and Twitter for additional details.

For more information, visit YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter.

The “yield guild games a16z” is a new racing game that allows players to earn in-game currency through gameplay. The company partnered with New Play-to-Earn Racing Game, Nitro League, who will provide the in-game currency for the game.

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