X-Copy’s Max Pain Open Edition Raises $23 Million in Just 10 Minutes

A new asset-backed crypto token created by the X-Copy Company. With a total supply of 100 million units, it is expected to gain quick momentum and establish itself as an influential player in the market.,

XCopy, a legendary non-fungible artist, has once again thrown the non-fungible world into a frenzy with his newest collection, resulting in the star creator amassing a staggering $23 million in ETH in only 10 minutes.

Max Pain, an epilepsy-inducing X-Copy invention, was featured in the most recent drop, coming in a frenzied 10-minute sale on the NiftyGateway marketplace. During this time, fans only had a short opportunity to claim one of the rare artifacts.

Collectors were provided an infinite amount of NFTs for 1 ETH each during the time-sensitive event. However, once the countdown hit zero, the option to mint more things was gone forever. When the dust cleared and the hysteria subsided, 7,394 NFTs had found new homes, and XCopy had made a profit of 7,394 ETH.

XCOPY has sold 3,000+ open editions for 1 ETH apiece in less than a minute.


Loopify (@Loopifyyy) (@Loopifyyy) (@Loopifyyy) (@Loopifyyy) (@Loopify 24th of March, 2022

Each NFT sold for about $3,108 at the time of sale, with the floor price being $4,300 at the time of writing. What happens next, on the other hand, will be greatly influenced by market needs. Most crucial, if customers are still willing to pay a significant amount of money on one of 7,394 similar things.

The community is speculating on how XCopy will utilize the newly acquired riches in the future. Specifically, how much, if any, liquidity will return to the NFT realm.

Check out Max Pain >> Here


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