X-Box Takes a Cautious Approach Towards Blockchain Gaming

The future of blockchain-powered games has been a topic of discussion at the highest levels since it was first imagined. The idea that an “all in one” platform like XBOX could break into this space early is not as simple or realistic, but there are some key aspects to consider moving forward.

The X-Box has taken a cautious approach towards blockchain gaming. With the release of its new console, Microsoft is now looking to get more users into the world of cryptocurrency.

As blockchain gaming becomes more common in the entertainment business, gaming firms are increasingly expressing their opinions on the topic. Valve’s goals were notably disclosed in the fine print of their terms and conditions. Its potential has piqued the interest of Epic, Ubisoft, EA, Take Two, and Square Enix. X-Box, a Microsoft-owned gaming brand, has now spoken out.

Phil Spencer, the CEO of X-Box, has said that he is taking a more cautious approach to blockchain gaming. Despite showing potential in certain areas, he still regards the technology as exploitative rather than inventive, he says.

“Overall, what I’d say today on NFT is that I believe there’s a lot of conjecture and experimenting going on, and that some of the creativity stuff I see today seems more exploitive than entertaining,” he said.

A remark that, in all honesty, might be applied to one or two X-Box titles. Despite this, he has not discarded technology completely. All he said was that he doesn’t anticipate something like that coming to the Xbox anytime soon. However, it is peculiar that there are no safeguards in place for the company’s CEO to protect his or her consumers from the aforementioned abuse.

Regardless, it all comes down to money, and how and where it may be produced, as well as what these gaming platforms plan to do once the big-name developers release their first blockchain-based games.


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