WoW and The Sandbox Announce $25 Million Inclusivity Foundation

Blizzard and WOW are embarking on a new era of gaming with their announcement of the WoW’s Inclusivity Foundation, which will support grassroots diversity initiatives among other things. The project is one example of how blockchain has changed not only game development but gamer communities as well.

The “WoW and The Sandbox Announce $25 Million Inclusivity Foundation” is a partnership between the two companies to help make sure that everyone has access to games. Read more in detail here: sandbox.

The World of Women NFT collection and The Sandbox have teamed together to establish an inclusion initiative with a five-year funding commitment of $25 million. The ‘WoW Foundation,’ which will increase the participation of women in Web3 ecosystems via educational and mentoring efforts, is the name of the program. 

The collaborative venture builds on the previous values of the prestigious World of Women NFT collection, which was established in July 2021 to address the absence of female artist participation in NFT art sales (a meager 5% to be exact) in the 21 months leading up to its launch.  

The foundation’s funds will be utilized to build a virtual academy for female artists, as well as to invest in varied and inclusive places for women in Web3. The alliance hopes to foster greater female engagement in the field by serving as an incubator, adviser, and platform to join The Sandbox ecosystem.

In addition, the WoW Foundation will provide free online lectures on all things Web3 through immersive experiences in The Sandbox. Students will obtain a certified ‘NFT diploma’ after they have finished the course. The Sandbox will also house a WoW Museum, which will chronicle the foundation’s history and accomplishments, as well as those of its students. 

“Through supporting the education and financing of women’s initiatives, we hope these programs help generate a generation of powerful women builders in the sector,” said Sebastien Borget, co-founder and CEO of The Sandbox, in a recent news release.

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