WonderPals NFT Collection Review

WonderPals NFT Review

This is Mintersbay’s WonderPals NFT review – where we will review the WonderPals NFT project, one of the most talked-about upcoming NFT projects right now in the market! After the success of the Invisible Friend NFT collection, countless investors are now looking for the hottest non fungible tokens NFT collection available, looking through multiple channels in the NFTs OpenSea platform for digital collections with multiple applications. Non fungible tokenassets, after all, can now be a source of passive income, or Metaverse NFTs portals, real estate, and much more. While there are multiple non fungible tokens on the Solana blockchain now, WonderPals NFT exist on the Ethereum blockchainand are scheduled for public mint on February 26th, 2022. Let’s check the project out and understand whether it’s good investment. 

Lore + Style

This digital art project consists of 10,000 tokens of varying rarity with beautiful, colorfully delightful artworks representing teddy bears each with a different personality, a different piece of clothing, object, etc. 

One of the main focuses of WonderPals NFT is positivity – these non fungible tokens aim to “bring communities together through creativity, fun, and art”, as the official motto reads. The wholesome collection exudes positive vibes, with their happy faces, vibrant outfits, smiles, and bright settings that look like imaginary ones.

WonderPals do not have a backstory it seems, nonetheless, the art is beautiful and their style is certainly appealing. 

Team + Community 

The launch price of the WonderPals NFT project is 0.08 ETH, as specified on the official social media channels. The original artist behind WonderPals is team member Mina, who’s also the creative and marketing director. The team also consists of Sho, who’s the head of the WonderPals collection community, and Bueno, head of development and also part of the Robotos NFT project. 

The community Discord is now closed for presale, as the WonderPals whitelisted NFT process is over. From the early stage, this collection seemed to attract much attention and buzz, with lots of influencer power behind it. At the same time, each lovable character from WonderPals is sure to be a digital asset that feels intimate for every investor and holders. 

Online Presence + Reward

Lots of talented artists are looking to non fungible tokens to generate active and NFT passive income. Unfortunately, some scammers are bent on using tokens to steal from investors and consumers as well. Thankfully, the WonderPals seems not only to be a legit crypto asset, but also have a transparent and powerful online presence to back its roadmap and objectives. The biggest of NFTs truth is that any NFT strategy is based on having a powerful style for the digital asset, a community-focus, a strong online presence, and a clear roadmap. WonderPals checks all – there’s no doubt that it will be a big addition to any NFT marketplace. 

The main utility of the WonderPals project will be for owners to “have a fun and cute piece of art”, but the NFT also doubles as membership to the close-knit WonderPals community, the possibility to participate in holder exclusive giveaways and contests, and priority over future collections. WonderPals also plans to open an online shop that will sell apparel, plushies, stickers, and more based on the digital art available.


In short, WonderPals looks like a great NFT project and there is evidence it will sell out. 

To buy WonderPals NFTs,do the following:

  1. Create a Metamask or Coinbase Wallet account and install the Metamask or Coinbase Wallet extension on your browser. 
  2. Double-check that you have enough Ethereum in your wallet to cover the transaction’s total cost, including gas fees. 
  3. A Connect button would display at the top of our page on mint day, allowing users to connect to your wallet. 
  4. You’ll be prompted to sign for your purchase when you click the mint button. Every transaction concerning the price of gasoline will incur a fee. 
  5. Once you’ve finished your purchase, your WonderPals NFTs will appear in your wallet as well as on Opensea.


That’s all for now. Have a great day and, as always, remember:


The Mintersbay Team

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