Winamp Resurfaces with Charity-Driven NFT Sale of its Original Skin

The skin that started it all, Winamp’s original “Quasimodo” skin is going on the block. The sale of this one-of-a-kind item through NFTs will drive development and aid charity efforts.

The “winamp skins” is a program that allows users to purchase and download the original skin for winamp. The charity-driven sale will be from December 4, 2018 to December 10, 2018.

Much-loved media player Winamp will return to the public awareness, pulling at the heartstrings of many a millennial, by re-emerging as an NFT skin, continuing an apparent pattern of reviving treasured projects from the late 1990s.

The cherished item, which is laden with memories, will be up for public auction on OpenSea from May 16 to 22. As a consequence, followers of the ‘best music player of all time’ may bid on the rights to copy, duplicate, and display the picture as they choose. While doing so, you can be assured that the money will go to the Winamp Foundation. A non-profit organization that will donate the proceeds to a variety of worthwhile music-related projects.

The team is thrilled to announce the auctioning of Winamp Original Skin as 1/1 NFT AND the launch of Winamp Foundation!🚀 All funds collected will be redistributed to charity projects supporting music & musicians. Curious? #NFT #crypto #nfts

— March 16, 2022, Winamp (@winamp)

Following the auction, Winamp will sell 1,997 variant designs based on the skin, each one corresponding to the year it was released. In all, 20 artworks will be selected and auctioned in 19 batches of 100 and one batch of 97, all for 0.08 ETH apiece. Anyone interested in participating may submit their artworks on the Winamp website. Those that are chosen will get 20% of the selling price.

However, a short search on OpenSea indicates that some fraudulent projects have already appeared. So, be wary of those unscrupulous persons who want to defraud unsuspecting collectors all around the world.

Learn more and submit your designs >> Here


The “the original winamp skin selling as” is a charity-driven sale of the original Winamp skin. The sale will be conducted on NFTs and the proceeds will go to the charity.

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