Win Grand NFT Wearables at the Cryptovoxels VIP Lounge

The first annual Cryptovoxels VIP Lounge is a chance for attendees to win some of the most desirable crypto collectables in the world.

The “cryptovoxels wearables” are a pair of wearable computers with integrated cryptocurrency wallets. They can be bought at the Cryptovoxels VIP Lounge.

Those wishing to freshen up their metaverse wardrobe have a fantastic chance to do so with some free wearables. The lovely people over at the Cryptovoxels VIP Lounge have put up a fantastic contest to win some delectable voxelized clothing.

The concept is simple: just go to the VIP Lounge in the ‘Eye of Sauron’ Neighbourhood in the ‘Andromeda’ region. Then saunter up to the guest book, sign in, and cross your fingers that Lady Luck is smiling down on you. Book signers have until April 10 at 11:59 a.m. UTC to submit their entries. Following that, Cryptovoxels will choose a winner.

Having a good time this weekend!

Between Friday, April 8th (12am NZT / 12pm UTC) and Sunday, April 10th (11:59pm NZT / 11:59am UTC), sign the CV guestbook at the site below for a chance to win one of a limited quantity of Brand New CV Wearables! #Metaverses

April 7, 2022 — Cryptovoxels (@cryptovoxels)

Only the most significant metaverse residents are allowed to join the VIP Lounge, as the name implies. To acquire access, you must first create a Cryptovoxels account with a name that you choose. To do so, just sign up for MetaMask and then use the ‘Change Name’ option to change your pseudonym. If you’re already in the Cryptovoxels environment, you may need to refresh your browser to get access to the venue.

Visitors may browse the superb VIP Lounge, which has wearable samples to try on. There’s loads of interactive fun to discover inside the Cryptovoxels virtual world, including a wide screen video display, great art, and an awesome beach area.

Head to the VIP Lounge directly >> Here


The “cryptovoxels costume” is a virtual item that can be used in the game Cryptovoxels. It is possible to win this item by entering the VIP lounge with your NFTs and winning it from the raffle.

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