Win Grand NFT Prizes in the Latest Aavegotchi Raffle!

The debut of a new raffle game on the Aavegotchi platform is bringing in more visitors than ever. The lucky winner will receive 100,000 NFTs!

The “aavegotchi realm” is a new game that allows players to win NFTs prizes. The game has been released on the Aavegotchi platform, and it has already been generating a lot of interest from players.

Get ready, ghostly Aavegotchi REALM residents: the newest chance to purchase special artifacts is soon here, in the shape of a great raffle to win a series of fantastic packet oddities.

Aavegotchi has returned with one of its much-loved raffles after months of anticipation. As a result, $GHST holders have a chance to win some tasty gifts. Fans may get their hands on some of the city’s most rare package decorations, some of which will never be produced again.

ROFL Gnomes, REALM Globes, Smol Flowers, Laava Lamps, Neon Lights, and Caampfires all make the cut in the end. Each comes in a set of six colors, each signifying a particular rarity, ranging from poorly ordinary things to desired godlike relics.


@aavegotchi — Aavegotchi (@aavegotchi) May 20, 2022

This lottery will run from 2 p.m. on June 9 until 2 p.m. on June 12. Participants must deposit their tickets at this time. After that, the winners will be chosen using Chainlink’s verifiably random method. The prize winners will then have until the end of time to collect their winnings.

Users may buy tickets by betting $GHST on the Aavegotchi platform and then converting the frens into tickets. Alternatively, go entirely degen and buy them from the Aavegotchi bazaar. Remember, whichever path seems to be the most appealing, there is still time!

Read more about the raffle >> Here


The “upcoming nft game sales” are the latest in a series of events that will be happening throughout the month of October. The event is hosted by Aavegotchi, and all players will have an opportunity to win grand prizes.

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