Wildcard Aims for Glory with Streamer Optimized Web3 Battle Arena

A new battle arena is coming, and this time it’s not just for the e-sports enthusiasts. The Wildcard Battle Arena is a turn-based game where players will compete in an online environment to earn tokens that are redeemable for real world merchandise and collectibles.

Not everyone is constructed the same in the realm of competitive entertainment. Some people do very well in the arena, using their enhanced coordination and mental agility to vanquish their opponents. Others will assume the role of ambassador and provide live commentary to document activities. While loud, brash types will proudly wear their jerseys and cheer for their teams from the stands, the more composed and collected will discreetly try to raise the profile of their team from the sidelines.

Welcome to the fast-paced Wildcard universe, where everyone who participates shares in the glory reserved for the winners. The different elements of involvement are taken into account in every area. so honoring everyone for their crucial contributions to a battle-tested triumph.

In light of this, the Wildcard Alliance will release its real-time strategy MOBA, an exciting fusion of battle-arena action and collectable card game features. The Wildcard golden chariot therefore enters a brand-new age of communal awareness by riding the leading edge of Web3.

Rich Lore Created by Participants

The Wildcard Alliance, a new division of Playful Studios that focuses on Web3, has released its first game, called Wildcard. This ambitious endeavor seeks to transform gaming from a light-hearted past time into a lavish and completely immersive entertainment experience.

Champions engage in combat in a massive arena while brandishing potent “Wildcards” that, when used, call dreadful monsters into the fray. The final product is a sight to see, as players are immersed in a high-stakes, high-octane war of minds and brawn thanks to high-resolution images and a gorgeously drawn playing area.

Two enmity rivals will engage in combat to rescue the universe in the inaugural invite-only alpha release. As Bolgar and Locke join the grudge battle in an effort to develop their respective talents, participants will follow them. The epic live event that will appear in the late summer of 22 will include the final fight from this initial phase in the Frostburn Arena.

Two streamers will assume the role of the would-be heroes for the first storyline, with the larger audience influencing the events. The outcomes will become part of Wildcard’s mythology after everything has died down, and a new chapter will start.


Within the Hood

The extensive gaming expertise of its creator, Wildcard Alliance, and its parent business, Playful Studios, will be advantageous to Wildcard. The members of Wildcard Alliance are all seasoned professionals who have contributed to the development of wildly popular games like Age of Empires, Orcs Must Die, and Words With Friends.

The initiative also benefits from Wildcard Alliance’s collaboration with blockchain investment company Paradigm. While layer 2 juggernaut Polygon will bring its all-powerful blockchain scaling solution to the table, Paradigm has opened its doors to the project with an incredible array of knowledge and resources. While maintaining costs at levels that closely resemble the typical micro-transactions seen across the larger gaming industry, Polygon’s technology will allow lightning-fast transaction rates and dependable infrastructure.

“With the help of the blockchain, we can build an open, decentralized platform for video game competition that is owned by its users and supporters.” – Matt Huang, co-founder of Paradigm

As a new kind of ecosystem gets set to compete in the play-to-earn space, be ready for the next generation of Web3 gaming!

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