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Immutable is a distributed, decentralized data collaboration tool. As part of our mission to help people collaborate on complex projects, we need the best and brightest minds in engineering, design and development who will take us across this unknown territory.

Immutable is a platform that allows users to create and trade NFTs. The platform will also be used for engineering, design, marketing and other purposes.

Our Series C has recently been revealed. You should have seen the Immutable brand all over your social media feeds by now, and perhaps you’re intrigued. Immutable is on a quest to hire the finest people in Sydney and throughout the world – we’re the quickest Australian business to achieve unicorn status, and we’re expanding at breakneck speed to meet tremendous demand from our partners and consumers.

I’m Alex, Immutable’s co-founder and CTO, and I’d want to use my blog as a sales pitch for people interested in joining the product, engineering, or design teams. Why join Immutable if you’re a top talent in those fields and have nearly limitless options?

Before I answer that, I’d want to address our most often asked candidate question: what exactly does Immutable do?

Gamers spent more than $110 billion on in-game stuff last year. Despite this large investment, users had no ownership of the assets; they couldn’t sell them to other players, they couldn’t sell them on third-party markets, and the game’s producer might confiscate them at any time. We think that if you spend $100 on an in-game item, you should be able to resale it after you’ve finished with it (just like any other tangible object). NFTs are a perfect answer to this issue since they enable digital goods to be scarce and transferable without having a third party (such as a game studio) to act as the middleman/ledger/source of truth for every transaction.

Because of this obvious use case, large market, and gamers’ willingness to put up with the friction of somewhat experimental technology, we predict gaming initiatives will be the first really widespread NFT projects. However, the majority of successful NFT ventures to far have been limited-edition luxury products or profile image projects, such as CryptoPunks or BAYC. This is because creating a world-class game using NFTs as in-game assets is now incredibly difficult for a variety of reasons:

  • Scale: Ethereum can only conduct around 10 NFT deals per second for the whole planet.
  • Cost: the average NFT trade on Ethereum costs >$20
  • Environmental Impact: When exchanging unique assets, the inefficiencies of blockchain are emphasized.
  • User Experience: Trading NFTs is a complicated process that is tightly linked to the underlying blockchain technologies (e.g. gas fees)
  • Developer Experience: Developers must learn a new programming language and methodology, with any defects costing consumers millions of dollars.
  • (We have about 20 more fundamental problems that we monitor internally)

Immutable has created Immutable X, the industry’s top platform for overcoming the primary difficulties that games, game markets, and players confront while developing and selling NFT assets. Immutable X contains a zk-rollup engine developed in collaboration with StarkWare that enables gas-free, high-scale, carbon-neutral NFT minting and trading, which is a significant improvement over current NFT protocols. It also provides native wallets, simple APIs, and a plethora of developer tools and services to help developers create better games and markets. If you’ve ever read criticism of NFTs, you’ll see that we agree with the majority of it. However, Immutable believes that these issues can be fixed, and our mission is to enable projects to “do NFTs correctly.”

Immutable also has an in-house gaming studio that creates world-class NFT games such as Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians. These games are wonderful examples of the kinds of experiences that can be created while maintaining genuine in-game asset ownership, and they also serve as a proof of concept and early learning ground for our platform. We’ve been working on Gods Unchained since early 2018, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. For example, we minted over 10 million NFTs on Ethereum mainnet by inventing a new, more efficient method to mint NFTs. This is more than all previous Ethereum L1 NFT experiments put together!

With the rise of NFTs in 2021, we are bombarded with excellent developers eager to create incredible games (hence our massive scaling push). So that’s what Immutable does, but why should I select it over any of the other firms that have been bombarding my LinkedIn?

I’m focused on the platform side of our company (Immutable X) in my presentation, but many of these arguments apply to our Studio as well. First and foremost, we’re tackling some really intriguing product and technical issues. We need to perform really creative work on a number of fronts to overcome the underlying difficulties that NFT games and their users face, including building:

  • NFT minting and trading primitives for smart contracts (writing Solidity and CAIRO), which enable for efficient NFT minting and many sorts of NFT trading (e.g. limit orders, auctions, AMMs etc.)
  • Our shared orderbook and NFT indexer are backend/platform solutions for NFT games and marketplaces (written in Go). We handle hundreds of thousands of API calls per minute and face all of the typical scaling issues that come with a product of our scale and scope (infrastructure mostly serverless AWS with Terraform).
  • Our own marketplace (written in Typescript React/Next.js), which is rapidly becoming into a wonderful NFT trading frontend aimed squarely at gamers.
  • Our wallet solutions (written in Typescript, React, and Go) were designed to provide consumers who own in-game NFTs an amazing experience.
  • Experience as a developer (our SDKs, our documentation, our examples and guides)
  • Several additional great goods that I can’t reveal in this blog post!

All of the above need somewhat different skill sets, but in order for them to be effective, we must acquire exceptionally brilliant individuals. When it comes to talent strategy, we don’t have a choice: we need to employ the top 2–3% of the market since that’s what it’ll take to produce competitive goods. Our product strategy must be razor-sharp, our designers must be consumer specialists, and our engineers must be able to build world-class products rapidly. This doesn’t imply we just recruit senior positions; we want the top 2–3 percent of every group (from graduates to juniors).

Furthermore, as a platform, we have the opportunity to collaborate with all of the most intriguing firms in the sector, examine their difficulties up close, and provide the solutions they need. Building a platform in such a new field, with clients that are rapidly expanding, is a unique product and technical challenge, and I want to keep delighting these teams (and hundreds of others) with our solutions.


Second (and related), you will have the chance to collaborate with really brilliant individuals. Clever people like to work with smart people, so when we hire for our product, engineering, and design teams, we search for the greatest talent available. We have fantastic executives in place, and we provide market-leading compensation, rocket ship equity, and a fantastic benefits package.

We, on the other hand, feel that elite talent may emerge from anyplace. Kevin McHugh (our Director of Engineering) wrote a fantastic article about his journey in this area, and we are passionate about building diverse teams. Women now account for 15% of Bitcoin owners, with NFT owners accounting for just 16%. We need a team that can develop for everyone if we want to produce a product that can genuinely take gaming NFTs mainstream. Women now account for more than 45 percent of gamers; we need a team that can build for everyone if we want to build a product that can truly take gaming NFTs mainstream. We also value regional variety — although Immutable’s headquarters are in Sydney, we prefer remote work and are looking for top-notch talent in any reasonable time zone, notably in Singapore and on the west coast of the United States. We’ve found that some of our best talent comes from these areas, so if you’re one of them, please apply!

Third, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a significant contribution to our journey and purpose. Despite its scale and constant financing, Immutable is still a tiny firm. Immutable X presently employs fewer than 40 full-time engineers, and although we’re rapidly expanding, you’ll have much more individual responsibility and autonomy here than at bigger firms. I often ask myself, “would the business (not your boss) notice if you stopped coming up to work?” If they wouldn’t, Immutable can provide you with greater effect. Immutable is well financed and is the appropriate location for you if you’re searching for a place where your work will have a huge effect without the danger of a poor experience at a very early business.

This potential for individual effect also opens the door to internal career advancement on a fast track. On Gods Unchained, for example, Inga became our “chapter lead” for quality assurance (in-game testing). She went into a full-time software engineering role a year later, and she was a full-time Engineering Manager for a team producing Immutable X just 6 months later (as of last month).


Fourth, Immutable has the potential to have a significant and long-term influence on the globe. Yes, I’m heavily skewed. This is, without a doubt, the “sell” blog article. But I actually like coming to work every day, intrigued (and a little intimidated) by the challenges we’ll be solving, and that’s exactly how I like it. We’re at one of the most exciting times in history, in a market where we can’t simply mimic rivals but must do meaningful product research, and where what we produce counts. We are real digital ownership pioneers and industry leaders: the work we do here, the functionality we unlock for projects, the decisions we make – the world’s eyes are on us, our partners, and our customers. We have a unique chance to impact the future of digital ownership for all assets (not just gaming assets), and I’m committed to putting up a terrific team to take advantage of it. I don’t think every digital asset will be an NFT, but if we can make every consumer of digital products aware of whether they genuinely own (rather than have a restricted license to) what they’re buying, we’ll have made significant progress in digital property.

Finally, this is a great place to work. The locals are kind, yet forthright when necessary. We approach product like a team sport; we are all high-performing individuals, but we also recognize that we thrive and fail as a group. And, when we have cause to rejoice (which is often), I believe we do it well:



We’re ecstatic to have the chance to collaborate with even more incredible folks. If Immutable seems like the place for you, we’re now looking for the following positions:

We’re also looking for people to fill a variety of leadership positions, including a Head of Product and a Head of Data. We’re a talent-driven organization, so if you believe you can contribute to our purpose in any function, at any level, please contact me for a conversation.

Immutable is a crypto startup that focuses on the development of an open source decentralized storage platform. They have a product, engineering & design team that will be able to provide you with all the information you need about their project. Reference: immutable crypto.

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