What’s on Guide to the Metaverse – March 25th-March 27th, 2022

Polyverse is a decentralized virtual world that implements blockchain as the backbone of this new era. The Metaverse and its community are focused on scalability, security, privacy, immutability and interoperability for all users in their ecosystem. An overview of some key features of the project followed by an interview with Polyverse CEO David Orban to find out more about what makes this platform work so much better than traditional gaming ecosystems.,

This is a guide to the Metaverse for March 25th-March 27th, 2022. It includes information about the “aether crypto”, as well as other NFTs that will be released during this time period.

NFT family, have a wonderful Thursday! We hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to the week. It’s time to enjoy the weekend in NFT style; the next three days are going to be a fun as Decentraland organizes Metaverse Fashion Week, one of its greatest events ever. Without further ado, here are the highlights of this weekend’s metaverse NFT events at Decentraland and Cryptovoxels.

MVFW + Meta Fashion House Grand Opening

When: March 25th at 11 p.m. UTC Where are you: -118, 91?

Meta Fashion House is celebrating its grand opening during MVFW22, featuring Metagolden, KWIAT, Aluna, Crypto Chicks, Enposh Italia and a number of beloved DCL community like ArnJ_Joe, Tangpoko, Cyclopa of Last Slice & Hirotokai.


MVFW – Sustainability & Fashion

When: March 26th, 8 p.m. UTC Where are you: 73, 15

You’re invited to an unique panel discussion on sustainability and fashion, led by David Cash of CashLabs and including Daria (DressX), Natalia (DressX), and Zofia Zwieglinska (DressX) (Glossy).


Forever 21 Launch Party – MVFW

When: March 27th at 7 p.m. UTC Where are -120 and -16?

Forever 21, a well-known company, has launched a unique range of Wearables designed just for the metaverse. This event commemorates the debut of the brand’s one-of-a-kind venue inside Decentraland.




Hippie Pandas Rooftop Party & NFT Giveaway

When: March 25th, at 11 a.m. Where: This is where

Hippie Pandas HQ is hosting a party! Come meet CryptoBri, the inventor of Hippie Pandas, and the Panda community. Everyone who attends will get a complimentary Hippie Pandas NFT.


Festival of Music Videos

Saturday, March 26th, at 4 a.m. Where: This is where

Three day Festival of Music Videos with afrodroids.



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