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R-Planet is a blockchain game that lets you earn, trade and collect rare characters from around the world. Gamers can use R-COINS to buy new skins for their character or spend them on special items like costumes, exclusive events and more.

R-Planet is a new platform that aims to bring together the best in blockchain gaming. They have created an Ambassador club for people who want to get involved with the project and help build it. Read more in detail here: rplanet io stake alienworlds.

When we first announced Staking 2.0, certain members of our community were particularly interested in one detail: the team had locked 25 billion Aether to assist select promising projects. We’d want to clarify our reasoning and voting criteria, as well as how we can make the distribution process as clear as possible. Today, we’d like to share our vision for the R-Ambassadors Program with you.

Conquest is coming to R-Planet. And we want the rest of the world to know about it. On our journey to that objective, any assistance would be much welcomed. We’ve chosen to award the most active ambassadors with our vote to encourage projects listed on the Staking Hub to support R-Planet! Projects may earn an available ambassador spot by sharing information about R-Planet with their communities and contributing to the ecosystem’s growth.

  • There will be ten seats available for R-Planet ambassadors.
  • Each vote is worth 2.5 B Aether.
  • The vote will be recirculated on a monthly basis.

Any project wishing to become an R-Planet ambassador and gain votes from our team must submit a monthly report detailing their contributions of either R-Planet-promoting social media material or ecosystem-beneficial technologies and activities. The R-Planet staff will review all of the reports, assess them, and award 2.5 B Aether to each of the 10 most active ambassadors.


  1. We will accept reports on the official email ([email protected]) through the 25th of each month.
  2. Each month, between the 1st and 3rd of the month, a list of the Top 10 ambassadors will be revealed, followed by a vote distribution.
  3. Any project on the R-Planet Staking Hub is eligible to participate.

The contributions that we will be evaluating may be separated into two categories:

— The first is material that spreads awareness of the initiative through social media. It might be a simple mention, a whole article devoted to the initiative, or a variety of participatory community involvement activities. A variable amount of points will be assigned to various sorts of content:

  • 10 points for a unique Medium article;
  • Up to 5 points for a unique Telegram/Twitter/Discord post;
  • 3 points if you republish the R-Planet article;
  • Up to 2 points for sharing the R-Planet Telegram/Twitter/Discord post;
  • Up to 20 minutes of video or interactive material

You may include a link to R-Planet in your report if you mention it positively in any of your publications. It may be R-Planet-related material, information on your project’s role in the R-Planet metaverse, or just a mention of R-Planet or any of its services. The quantity of organic interaction (likes, comments, retweets, claps, etc.) as well as the quality of the material will be utilized to assess these social postings and give points.

— The second category includes tools and activities that contribute to the development of the R-Planet ecosystem, such as:

  • Players may earn up to 100 points by using beneficial tools.
  • Up to 50 points when combined with R-Planet cards
  • Up to 50 points for acts that increase the usage of R-Planet tokens.
  • additional R-Planet ecosystem-related items — up to 100 points

First and foremost, material and goods should encourage community participation, promote the team’s vision, and clarify usability and playability.

The WECAN collection is currently supported by 10 of the 25 billion Aether locked for the squad. Before the initial vote distribution, those tokens will be revoked. We are certain that with our combined efforts, we will be able to support this collection.

The first round of voting for the 10 Ambassadors program will take place on May 1st. R-Planet invites all of the projects mentioned to participate in the competition! The deadline for your reports is April 25! In your report, don’t forget to provide a valid link to all of your information. We wish you a plethora of creative ideas and creative inspiration! #ourRplanet is your R-Planet.







The “rplanet telegram” is a channel on the R-Planet Telegram. The purpose of the channel is to provide information and updates about rplanet.

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