Welcome to the Battle Birds Metaverse!

Battle Birds is a collectible card game available on PC and mobile devices. With the Battle Birds Metaverse, players can explore this world still in its infancy by purchasing units, constructing decks of their favorite cards, battling other players for bragging rights or simply getting to know what’s new!

Are you up for a friendly combat against some rather bizarre birds? Do you want to generate money quickly? Playing a fantastic game is a win-win situation for you. The mint day for the BattleBirds project was just revealed. The pre-sale of 5555 unique NFTs will begin on February 12th, and the general sale will begin on February 26th. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Their website has further information.

What exactly are Battle Birds?

Gamification in NFT projects has exploded in popularity. NFT games are evolving in tandem with the cryptocurrency markets today. Users may earn money while playing these games, which makes them appealing. You anticipate a steady flow of funds. Are you ready to take on the next challenge?

The Battle Birds game is built on an action-packed storyline. According to tradition, a long time ago, a wicked clan of estranged felines known as Munchkin’s Maniacs arrived from another solar system and transformed all people into animals, causing them to forget their identities. Fortunately, Captain McCaw, the Battle Birds’ commander, was not fooled by this memory trick. They maintained their wits about them and fought for the good guys. Munchkin stole all the eggs that used to belong to the noble army of Battle Birds when the Maniacs discovered this. Captain McCaw needs your aid to get them back. Will you come along with him?

one of the Battle Birds

This NFT project contains all of the necessary gamification features:

– staking benefits

– each character’s distinct personality features

– Possibilities to earn $WOR

– interesting plot

– a unique comic art style


You’ll be able to locate the rarest battle birds thanks to the 5555 potential combinations. The more confident you are, the better your odds of winning are. Sixty-six percent of the Battle Birds in our game are common, twenty percent are uncommon, and five percent are epic. Do you believe you have a special talent? Then there’s the 1%, which is legendary and will wait for you to locate it.

collect battle Bied NFTs

Weep for the untrodden paths.

There are five stages to the gaming roadmap. First and foremost, you mint your Battle Birds by rescuing them from Munchkin’s clutches. Second, you participate in a blockchain game with built-in prizes. You may risk your Battle Birds and win Worms Tokens ($WOR) at the third stage. The comic series and merch store will be launched during this time. Finally, if you’ve been waiting for the Metaverse integration, it’s here. Fantastic weapons, gadgets, and other characters are on hand to entertain you.


The BattleBirds project is being developed by a multinational team of developers from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Ukraine. Top gamers revealing their techniques of generating money by playing in the Discord community can always help you discover inspiration.

Only you have control over your fate. Whoever discovers the riches will be the winner. A game may inspire everyone who believes in power. Anyone who enjoys playing may simply generate money. Are you daring, risky, and inquisitive? Then Captain McCaw needs your assistance. By the way, mankind does as well.

@BattleBirdsNFT on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BattleBirdsNFT

Battlebirds nft on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/battlebirdsnft/

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