Welcome our Newest Partner, Gates of Ethernity!

Gates of Ethernity is a Cryptocurrency Gamerz platform that provides an easy to use, immersive experience for gamers. We are excited to be partnering with the team and look forward to providing quality content on our channel from now on!

We are ecstatic to announce our newest cooperation with Gates of Ethernity, CryptoBladers! Ethernity Games Inc., a game production firm that specializes in high-end crypto and NFT games, produced Gates of Ethernity. Our collaboration is only getting started, and it’s full with promise! Riveted Games CEO and Developer Philip Devine has agreed to serve as an adviser for Gates of Ethernity. We can’t wait to watch it thrive and develop!

About GOE

“Gates of Ethernity is a one-of-a-kind and immersive foray into the realm of Blockchain and NFTs, offering an indisputable degree of visuals and aesthetic perfection, along with enormously rich environmental narrative.” The primary distinction between GoE and any current competitor is unquestionably our high level of quality. We want to achieve full-fledged Hollywood-style cinematography and visual production… Play to gain respect and power, acquire mythological creatures, overcome trials, and climb the ranks. Through the Gates of Eternity, enter the wild” (GoE Website).

Visit Gates of Ethernity’s website and Twitter for additional information! We also strongly advise you to join their Discord server and communicate with their vivacious and informed crew and community!

Follow us on social media to learn more about CryptoBlades and to join our community!

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