Web3 Game Developer metaENGINE Raises $4 Million in Seed Funding

The metaENGINE is a decentralised game development engine for the web3 space. It’s a suite of tools that allows developers to build in-game economies, create unique and complex player interactions, and use blockchain technology to manage trust between players without needing centralized authorities.

The “mythical games funding” is a company that has raised $4 million in seed funding. The company plans to use the funds to create blockchain-based gaming experiences.

MetaENGINE, a first-of-its-kind blockchain gaming platform, just earned $4 million in a preliminary fundraising round. Polygon Studios, Blockwall, blufolio, Insignius Capital, Future Fund, CoinDCX Ventures, Efficient Frontier, Maelstrom, and other major VC funds and angel investors participated in the round, which was co-led by venture capital (VC) companies Lemniscap and Jump Crypto.

The cash will be used to improve the web3 game engine’s widely anticipated v1 release, which aims to provide a quicker, more fluid, and more efficient development environment for GameFi projects.

Over 25 GameFi projects are planned to join the platform when the v1 version goes live in Q3 of 2022. Within the following several weeks, interested fans should anticipate additional information on such a launch.

MetaENGINE, which was developed on the foundation of HeroEngine, a two-decade-old MMO game engine, offers developers with a comprehensive set of tools to create and publish MMO GameFi projects from the ground up, mint NFTs, and migrate games from other platforms in the future.

It has achieved successful license deals with Electronic Arts to build ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic,’ Zenimax to produce ‘The Elder Scrolls Online,’ and numerous other MMO projects, based on its competence as a leading, real-time, scalable, and cloud-based development platform.

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The “mythical games valuation” is a startup that raised $4 million in seed funding. The company will use the funds to create games on the Ethereum blockchain, which can be played by anyone with an internet connection.

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