Web3 Ecosystem Trustedd Launches with Founding Members NFTs

Web3 Foundation’s launch with founding members NFTs is an unprecedented milestone for the crypto ecosystem. The foundation aims to provide a stable, open-source platform for dApps and trustless interactions between parties that have never interacted before.

Web3 is a decentralized ecosystem that aims to provide trustless interactions between people, machines, and code. Web3 Ecosystem Trustedd Launches with Founding Members NFTs. Read more in detail here: what is web3.

Trustedd is a new Web3 ecosystem with the goal of providing a refreshing alternative to Apple and Google. Its goal is to promote innovation and the use of new technologies, with the goal of creating a platform where users may engage with Web3 ongoings using a validated system that prioritizes security and validity. 

Trustedd’s purpose-driven mission will begin with the introduction of the Founding Members NFT Genesis Collection, which will demonstrate proof of concept, devotion to innovation, and unshakable commitment to bridging the gap between blockchain technology and mainstream use. 

The Museum’s Collection 

The NFT Genesis Collection for Founding Members will comprise 10,000 machine-learning-generated 3D Avatars, each with a distinct and distinct design that takes the beholder to another realm.

The NFTs, which are based on the Ethereum blockchain, will serve as an exclusive membership for the forthcoming Trustedd environment, where they may be used as a personal virtual assistant, as well as throughout the metaverse and even in conference calls. NFT holders will also have access to regularly updated source files as well as commercial rights for personal or brand use.

Holding a Founding Members NFT grants you access to future NFT drops, airdrops of Trustedd’s social token $trustedd, early access to contribution privileges, new ecosystem features, unique event invites, free and reduced hardware, and much more.

“Any bearer of the Founding Member NFT, whether a person, a company, a brand, or an organization, represents that he or she wishes to support innovation and the adoption of new technologies via education and cooperation,” says Christof Wallner, CEO and creator of Trustedd.

The Drop

The Museum’s Collection will be dropping at the start of March 2022, where Trustedd’s adoption of a Dutch style auction will allow the community to set the price of the NFTs. The auction will see investors place bids with regards to quantity and price, with the starting price of the auction beginning at 100 ETH. Once the bidding begins, the price of the NFT will decrease by 1 ETH every 8 minutes, until The Museum’s Collection is either sold out, or the price hits its set floor of 1 ETH.

The extremely high initial price is intended to enable the project to create the ecosystem in a more decentralized manner, avoiding the need for Venture Capital or outside investors in the early stages. 

The funds from the NFT transaction will be held in escrow by an industry-leading custody provider before being invested in the rapid development of the envisaged Web3 ecosystem. A part of the revenues will be given to aid in the reconstruction of Ukraine. 

The Web3 Ecosystem of Trustedd 

The cutting-edge Web3 ecosystem of Trustedd is committed to the advancement of contemporary innovation and education. It integrates all realities into one user experience as an open, cross-device ecosystem, establishing a transparent and trustworthy community that validates and legitimizes each other.

Users can use this system to create a transparent Trustedd score that will help them connect with the people and services they need in a matter of seconds, eliminating the time-consuming task of conducting resource-intensive research that is usually required before reaching out to potential new collaborators.

Under the terms of a legal DAO, the user base and user-oriented ecosystem will be established, managed, and controlled by its users, with income produced being returned back into the ecosystem. Users will be able to receive incentives for doing things like viewing particular videos, filling out surveys, providing information, and even assisting others, while generated articles and videos, listed applications, and businesses and services will all be minted as NFTs.

Following its debut, the firm will provide a clean, user-friendly, and mobile OS user interface, with features like widgets, shortcuts, and content suggestions allowing for control and customization.

Anyone interested in joining the ecosystem may sign up for a free airdrop of the future Trustedd token, which will occur prior to the anticipated regulated DAO’s debut in Switzerland. Once this is done, any user or investor may mint the token straight from the DAO.

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The “web3 coinmarketcap” is a trusted launch that has been created by the founding members of the web3 ecosystem. The platform allows users to buy and sell NFTs with no middleman.

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