Warner Music Group Enters NFT Gaming with Splinterlands Partnership

Warner Music Group is the latest company to jump into blockchain gaming. With a team that has been developing games for over 15 years, they are already in good shape as far as launching their game goes. Although it’s not exactly clear what Splinterlands is about yet, Warner seems hopeful and excited about this development.,

Warner Music Group has announced a partnership with the developers of Splinterlands, the first blockchain-based game. The game will be powered by Warner Music Group’s catalog of over 30 million tracks.

Warner Music Group (WMG), the media behemoth, is extending its growing partnership with blockchain by teaming up with NFT gaming heavyweight Splinterlands. Together, they’ll try to expand the usability of WMG’s portfolio with a series of NFT-powered arcade games.

WMG will provide its customers the opportunity to design and develop arcade-style blockchain games via the medium of gaming, employing a hitherto unexplored interactive aspect of fan involvement. The goal is to provide an improved overall experience that takes the consumer to a whole new level while simultaneously providing artists with a new money source.

We’re thrilled to share the news of a new collaboration with @warnermusic! We’ll collaborate to bring some of your favorite bands into the #blockchain #NFTs and #PlaytoEarn world! Here’s a link to it: #GameFi #splinterlands #spt #sps #hive https://t.co/YPww5XKQSy pic.twitter.com/BAHr5qUZmj

February 23, 2022 — Splinterlands (@splinterlands)

WMG will link its numerous customers to the blockchain and implement a magnificent new rewards system by developing a series of tokenized arcade games including its many clients. This will allow WMG to expand its musical offerings to a wider consumer base.

WMG has made significant progress toward blockchain integration in recent months. So far, I’ve built ties with The Sandbox, a vast metaverse, and OneOf, an NFT music platform. It has now teamed with one of the world’s largest NFT gaming organizations. It seems like WMG is working on something exceptional.


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