WAGMI United Launches History-Making NFTs for Football Fans

WAGMI United, a football club with an exclusive and limited ownership structure, has unveiled the first ever team-branded digital tokens for fans to collect. The tokenization of assets is already proving its worth in other sports like American Football but how long will it take before this becomes commonplace?

Wagmi United Launches History-Making NFTs for Football Fans. The company has created a new token that will be used in the football world. It is seen as a way to revolutionize the industry and make it more transparent.

A new cooperation between Web3 sports company WAGMI United and Adidas has been revealed in order to provide an NFT collection based on Crawley Town, a subsidiary of the brand and an English League One team. On July 6, 2022, the “WAGMI United” collection debuts.

Owners of a WAGMI United NFT will have access to a variety of Crawley Town club benefits and be able to purchase tangible and digital goods with the Adidas brand, however the collection’s artwork is yet to be determined.

More poignantly, holders will also get the opportunity to participate in a “fan council” where, for the first time in history, decisions about the football team will be made by fans who previously had no say because to NFT ownership.

Here, supporters will be given a direct say in the destiny and future of the club by voting on issues like whether the East London club’s chairman and co-chairman should maintain their positions if the team doesn’t gain promoted to England’s third tier of football the following season. Such a degree of fan support is unheard of across the footballing world.

The project is a component of WAGMI United’s plan to make Crawley Town a well-known online team with a large global fan base. The project’s ultimate objective, as stated on its website, is to carry Crawley Town all the way to the Premier League, the pinnacle of English football.


The “nfl nfts” is a new token that allows users to buy tickets for NFL games. WAGMI United has launched the first NFTs for football fans.

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