Voxels Partners with Rarible to Expand its NFT Marketplace Options

Voxels announced a partnership with Rarible to expand the NFT options for Voxel’s blockchain platform. This agreement will provide developers and players with more monetization opportunities in their games, as well as providing easier access to new items on their marketplace.

Voxels, a crypto project focused on building a decentralized blockchain for gaming, has partnered with Rarible to expand its NFT marketplace options. The partnership will allow gamers to purchase items from the Voxel ecosystem using RAR tokens. Read more in detail here: rarible nft marketplace.

Voxels, a forward-thinking virtual archipelago, has announced a collaboration with Rarible, a community-focused NFT marketplace. As a result, when it comes to making that all-important metaverse real estate transaction, you’ll have more options.

Potential investors may now purchase Voxels land parcels using the Rarible framework, exchanging their underperforming ETH tokens for some high-quality digital property, thanks to this new arrangement. All the while, OpenSea, another marketplace, faces fierce competition.

Users will have more power over their trading decisions as a result of this new version, which essentially decentralizes the whole buying and selling process in keeping with the Voxels ethos.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve joined with @rarible marketplace, a Web3 leader!!

On that topic, are you looking for a place to call home in the #metaverse? In our most recent lesson video, @stellabelle offers some advice.

Good luck with your search! https://t.co/bqTAoQNB8V

June 14, 2022 — Voxels (@cryptovoxels)

All that remains for interested parties to do is choose which of Voxels’ many islands best matches their vision. Voxels provides something for everyone, representing a huge and detailed universe with endless expansion possibilities, from the pre-built metropolis of Architecture Island to the pioneering vision of Scarcity to the saccharin tones of Pastel.

So, take your time to choose the ideal location, then get on and start constructing. Keep in mind that Voxels has recently set a limit of 70k parcels for land. Join the bandwagon while there’s still time!


The “cryptovoxels coin” is an ERC-20 token that can be used to purchase NFTs on the cryptovoxels marketplace. It has been partnered with Rarible, a blockchain developer and creator of the Rarible wallet, to expand its options.

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