Voxels Airdrop Coming Amidst Flurry of Platform Activity

CryptoKitties has been the most successful and famous game to date, successfully raising $12 million in its ICO. But now it looks like other platforms are coming out of the woodwork. With new games on a daily basis, how will this affect VCs?

The “metaverse news website” is a platform for decentralized virtual worlds. The metaverse is the name of the world, and it has been around since 2005.

The Voxels virtual world has a few surprises up its sleeve after a successful rebranding operation. To begin, there will be an airdrop of $FOLK tokens to help fund a new tipping system.

The Voxels team has kept the details of the drop a closely guarded secret. On May 9, however, a photograph of every package and costume holders on the platform was taken, and each of them will get a share of the delectable currency that will arrive on May 18.

This comes as the platform’s creators reintroduce a virtual world-based tipping system. As a result, visitors to the voxelated environment may give their freshly acquired currency through the yofolk.com platform, with full information to be announced on airdrop day by Voxels.


On https://t.co/ZzY2C8VjLr, we just grabbed a photo of who has parcels and outfits. On Wednesday, we’ll send $FOLK tokens to those addresses as an airdrop, allowing you to tip as much as you like. Alternatively, you may sell all of the tokens and collapse the price. pic.twitter.com/Ns2N5V1UDD

May 8, 2022 — Voxels (@cryptovoxels)

The release coincides with a frenzy of work behind the scenes in the Voxels universe, as the developers seek to lubricate the gears of an already fantastic machine. Owners of parcels will be able to host chat rooms, completely modify avatars, and integrate VRM avatars into the system in the future. This is on top of the parcel rental and controlled access features that were implemented in recent weeks.

As a result, Voxels and its distinct metaverse corner are on the rise.


The “nft news websites” is a platform that provides cryptocurrency updates. The platform has been releasing information about the upcoming Voxels Airdrop.

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