Vogue Singapore Celebrates Individuality with ‘Every Body’ NFT Collection

Vogue Singapore celebrates individuality with the ‘Every Body’ NFT collection. This new line of collectibles is a celebration of style and diversity, featuring nine different characters from around the world who embody both feminine and masculine traits to represent women in every stage of their life.

Vogue Singapore is celebrating individuality with their new “Every Body” NFT Collection. The collection includes a number of items that can be collected, traded and sold on the Vogue website.

Vogue Singapore has revealed the details of their upcoming ‘Every Body’ NFT collection. A moving tribute to the human body in all of its many forms and sizes.

The MetaArt Club has partnered up with the Singaporean branch of the prestigious newspaper. Together, they go on a quest to understand the complexities of human identity in the context of a fluid idea like the metaverse. As a consequence, they’ll consider what it means to leave the concept of body politics to the imagination.

The @voguesingapore X @metaartclub EVERY BODY NFT Collection is currently Whitelisting:

@ziyang wu art ‘Tele-Republic of Home…’

@OwoAnietie ‘Peace’

@moo limbo’s ‘Moo, Blessing’

@ keiken_ ‘U-Mi Water Warrior’

@cryptoZR_ #NFTs ‘Mother Nature Bitcoin Part I’ pic.twitter.com/fer1wjrxzU

April 25, 2022 — MetaArtClub (@MetaArtClub)

Overall, ten unique NFTs will be released on the OpenSea trading platform on May 5 at 8 p.m. SGT, each limited to 50 copies and priced between 0.11 and 0.26 ETH ($330 – $782). Vogue, in collaboration with MetaArt Club, has chosen five artists to participate to the project. As a consequence, prominent creators like as Keiken, SuzyQ, Wu Ziyang, CryptoZR, and Owo Aniete have all contributed to ‘Everybody.’ In all, a variety of artworks, film clips, and gaming avatars were created to promote the initiative.

“We can modify our bodies in the metaverse beyond what is feasible in the physical world.” We have the ability to inhabit bodies, both human and non-human, and construct our own world.” – Keiken – Collective of Artists

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Vogue Singapore’s “Every Body” NFT collection is a new way to celebrate individuality. The collection features wearable items that are customizable and shareable, such as vogue nft cover, vogue nft dress, and vogue nft bag.

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