vEmpire Launches Epic Roman Legion Trading Card Battle Platform

vEmpire is a blockchain-based trading card game for players in the United Kingdom and Europe. The company says it will launch with more than 100 cards to collect, compete against friends or build your own deck from scratch.

The “roman legionary” is a new trading card game that has been launched by vEmpire. The game is based on the Roman Empire and features a variety of different gameplay modes, as well as an in-game marketplace.

Some of history’s most famous battle technologists belonged to the powerful Roman empire, which laid siege to half of the known globe and conquered everything in its way. Thanks in great part to its well-organized and disciplined battalions, the world had never seen anything like them.

Now, in a great fight of tactics for the play-to-earn arena, vEmpire is transferring this historical strategic force to the blockchain, enabling a new breed of gamers to assemble their own customised Roman legion as they attempt to rule the metaverse.

vEmpire: The Beginning, the first installment of vEmpire’s Ancient Rome-themed series, is now available on the blockchain. A magnificent one-on-one PvP trading card game in which cunning and deception face up against raw power. To this purpose, players may choose between two factions: the fiery Romulus or the astute Remus. Following the death of their emperor father, two brothers are locked in an eternal fight for control of the known world. This conflict has now spread throughout the metaverse, and it’s up to players to seize control and lead their group to triumph.

Concerning the Game

To win in vEmpire: The Beginning, players must show their worth in deadly warfare by beating the adversary in colosseum-themed slaughter. To defeat the oncoming battle-hardy armies, they’ll have to show tactical brilliance of the highest degree, and choose between the Romulus faction’s physical power or the subtle cunning of his eternal foe, Remus.

How to Play and Register

To get started, players must first fund their MetaMask wallets with $VEMP, the vEmpire ecosystem’s native currency. The Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks may be used to do this. However, because of the reduced costs and quicker transaction times, BSC is the better option. Then, on the game start screen, connect to the Play Game portal, connect, and exchange that $VEMP for $xsVEMP on a 1:1 basis.

After these preliminaries are completed, it’s time to raise the stakes. They may do this by either creating their own room or joining one that already exists. The quantity of $xsVEMP allocated to each room is set by the room’s designer. The winner will get 90% of the prize money, while the vEmpire DDAO will receive 10%. (Democratic Decentralised Autonomous Organisation).

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Players may begin playing the game when the basic setup is complete. Each player must assemble a “Legion” from a pool of 52 cards, 40 of which are faction-specific while the other 12 are universal. The Legion must be made up of 25 cards from this pool, with Chainlink’s state-of-the-art random generator picking 15 from this pool for each combat.

As a consequence, a best of three tournament emerges, in which players must utilize their cards across three rounds to score more points than their opponent. Following the winner’s announcement, the winner may collect their prize from the home screen after a brief transaction time.

vEmpire The Beginning NFT Metaverse P2E


Each card in the game has an NFT equivalent that is now for sale on the secondary market. As a result, asset owners will earn a minor performance bonus on the field. As a result, standard NFTs will gain +1 in strength, rare NFTs will gain +2, and the rarest of all, unique NFTs will get a grand +3 boost.

What Will Happen Next?

The Roman Legion is going to attack the metaverse, conquering all in its path, in the ever-evolving vEmpire ecology. As a result, Decentraland will get the vEmpire trading card game. The Sandbox will then launch a Roman-themed hack-and-slash adventure a bit later.

Play vEmpire: The Beginning >> Here

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