Val Kilmer & Galaxis Platform Team Up for Unique Living NFT Art Project

Val Kilmer and Galaxis, a blockchain-powered platform for creating and owning digital assets, collaborated to produce an NFT art project. The collaboration involved the creation of a new artwork that will live on the Ethereum blockchain forever.

The “val kilmer net worth” is a unique living NFT art project that the Val Kilmer and Galaxis Platform Team up for. The goal of this project was to create an interactive artwork with a life-like quality that would be able to be interacted with by its users.

For the launch of project ‘Kamp Kilmer’ and its first NFT art collection, American actor Val Kilmer has linked up with Galaxis, a platform for decentralized communities. Kilmer is most recognized for his iconic roles in famous comedic films, but he also excelled in other artistic fields such as poetry, painting, and music. Unfortunately, he was stricken with throat cancer six years ago, and his works were put on hold. Kilmer, on the other hand, has returned to share his legacy with the world once again.

Connecting Artists & Communities

Kamp Kilmer, his most recent initiative, will serve as a virtual venue for artists and eclectics to get together to discuss ideas and cooperate on art, film, music, and literary projects in interesting and unique ways, all while being free of location and time constraints.

Kilmer recently outlined the project’s motivation and aim in a statement. “I wanted to build an enclave where all of us bohemians and pirates, actors, writers, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, and academics could gather, communicate, and create with me.” I looked for a way to make it possible for projects to develop and persist beyond my lifetime, and all of our lives. What if the project could operate on its own for generations? I wondered. This realm is known as KAMP KILMER.”

Fans may presently get an unique free NFT (excluding gas expenses) from Kamp Kilmer, which will unlock future utility and give them access to the next GOD PANELS collection in April 2022. Creators may also apply to be a part of the Kamp Kilmer project by visiting the official website and filling out an application.

NFT Collection by GOD Panels

The creation of the NFT Collection by GOD Panels will use elements of creative collaboration and gamification to produce ever-evolving and ‘living’ works of art. The first phase of the project, the ‘Genesis Phase,’ is based on the initial GOD Panel artwork created by Kilmer himself. The original visual art pieces divides the name GOD out in several panels, and it is one of his most famous pieces as it invites the viewer to abstract the word and examine one’s own relationship with the word itself.

Once all of the art pieces in the Genesis Phase have been sold out, the second phase, termed the ‘Expansion Phase,’ will commence. During the Expansion Phase, artists collaborate to work on a Genesis Piece and produce a derivative in an entirely new and distinct manner.

Artist partners will have complete creative control over how they apply their own style and vision to the Genesis Piece. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the derivative items will go to collaborators.


The Galaxis Platform is a platform that allows you to connect with other people  

The Galaxis Art Engine, a unique and novel sort of NFT that enables artists to connect with their communities to produce continually developing artworks, will be used for the first time in Kamp Kilmer’s NFT project. Andras Kristof and Ben Ong created Galaxis, which was formerly known as Ether Cards.

Ether Cards was founded in 2021, however the creators immediately realized that the dynamic, interactive utility qualities would be a great asset for other NFT enterprises. So they changed its name to ‘Galaxis,’ which is now a cutting-edge engagement platform that helps link artists and their communities by imbuing basic NFTs with utilities that can grow and evolve, as well as owner-specific advantages and interactive tools to develop and monetize communities.


In a news statement, Kilmer stated, “I am thankful to Galaxis for supporting my vision and establishing a first-of-its-kind art engine that uses cutting-edge blockchain technology to enable the development of collections of collaborative, dynamic, continually changing digital art works.” “This was just not conceivable before the Web3, crypto world.”

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Val Kilmer, the actor who starred in movies such as “Top Gun” and “Batman Forever,” is creating a documentary about his life. He teamed up with the Galaxis Platform Team to create a unique living NFT art project. Reference: val kilmer documentary.

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