Utan’Clan: An NFT-gem that deserves to grow bigger than Bored Apes

Utan’Clan is one of the most intriguing projects in recent memory. It is easily accessible to players who can endlessly collect and trade it on a robust blockchain platform. Utn’clans future will be bright as this highly-promising project continues to grow even larger than BoredApes, its original inspiration!

Utan’Clan is a NFT-gem that deserves to grow bigger than Bored Apes. The game has been around for over two years and has seen some success, but the developers are not satisfied with their progress. They need more players and they need them fast. Read more in detail here: bored ape yacht club.

The NFT project Utan’Clan is one-of-a-kind. Why? It’s a great sustainable NFT project and simply extremely awesome since it’s really related to real orangutans. The team is developing a blockchain game, and Utan’Clan World piques interest.

What exactly is Utan’Clan?

Mona, Victoria, Banir, Hope, Mamat, and Siboy are the primary characters of Utan’Clan. They are presently six genuine orangutans living in Borneo and Sumatra (ten in the future). The identities of the other orangutans have yet to be revealed. The orangutans in the NFT project dwell on Utan’Clan World, a fictitious play island.

By definition, orangutans are rare.

The whole point of NFTs is scarcity, which is precisely what genuine orangutans are. There are barely 65,000 orangutans remaining on the planet today. Everyone has the opportunity to assist (and own) a genuine orangutan via Utan’Clan.

Digitally linked to actual orangutans in a blockchain game

The team is now developing a blockchain game based on orangutans. The fact that genuine material from adoption centers may be utilized in the project is fantastic. You are digitally linked to a genuine orangutan using NFTs.

Is blockchain a long-term solution? Aurora!

Yes, in this situation! In Aurora, Utan’Clan makes its debut. Aurora is a turn-key solution for developers to run their applications on an Ethereum-compatible, high-throughput, scalable, and future-safe platform with minimal transaction fees for their customers, designed by the NEAR Protocol team. In a nutshell, it functions similarly to Ethereum, but with several benefits.

The Climate Neutral Product Label has been awarded to NEAR Protocol. Utan’Clan’s creators have postponed a debut on Ethereum in 2021 because ‘proof of stake’ does not align with the project’s long-term goals. Aurora has given Utan’clan permission to start on their blockchain.

Orangutan Rescue Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving orangut

Orangutan Rescue and the Utan’Clan crew have an excellent working connection. The orangutan and its environment are protected by Orangutan Rescue. They assist the Sintang Orangutan Center in West Kalimantan, among other things, in Borneo. They assist the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program in Sumatra.

Bored Ape Yacht Club vs. Utan’Clan

Utan’Clan is inevitably compared to BAYC, one of the world’s biggest and most well-known NFT projects. There are, nevertheless, some significant variances. BAYC has evolved into a project for the well-heeled. BAYC is now regarded as a status symbol. Obtaining an NFT from BAYC as a ‘ordinary’ individual is almost difficult. A striking connection can be drawn with today’s society, which is centered on money, riches, power, and influences.

Utan’Clan is remarkable in that it takes the opposite approach. Utan’Clan is set in a sustainable and just society with genuine orangutans as the protagonists. By purchasing a Utan’Clan NFT, you become part of a unique community that works together to create a magnificent project that makes the world a better place.

We have great hopes for this project because of the strategy – a really sustainable initiative, unusual alliances, blockchain gaming, actual orangutans, and original content. But, much like a genuine GEM, you’ll have to work a little harder to get your hands on one. The Utan’Clan NFTs are exclusively available via Aurora/NEAR. We see a lot of leverage for this Utan’Clan NFT since Aurora/NEAR is expanding so quickly (NEAR is now ranked #22 on coinmarketcap).

The date of the launch is March 22nd, 2022. 

www.utanclan.io is the company’s website.

https://discord.gg/7Gcqqc3Rry I’m on Discord: https://discord.gg/7Gcqqc3Rry

UtanClanNFT on Telegram: https://t.me/UtanClanNFT

UtanClanWorld on Twitter: https://twitter.com/UtanClanWorld

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