Unity and Gala Games Join Forces to Build the VOXverse

Unity and Gala Games Join Forces to Build the VOXverse. With this new collaboration, Unity will help power an ecosystem of decentralized games on PC and mobile that can be played with cryptocurrency.

Gala Games, a blockchain gaming pioneer, has teamed together with Unity Technologies, a real-time content expert, to create the all-encompassing VOXverse.

Gala and Unity have formed an amazing $20 million professional services agreement to allow production on an ambitious real-time 3D platform that will include Gala’s Vox line of digital collectibles. Going ahead, the team will collaborate with Sim City founder Will Wright and his Gallium Studios, combining their talents to build a voxelized utopia of unrivaled grandeur.

Users will participate in a profoundly social game experience inside the imaginative new universe. In essence, it will take the shape of a Minecraft-inspired enormous area that would eventually incorporate many of the VOX universe’s games. MMORPGs, Mirandus, the Walking Dead series, and many more titles will be included.

You heard it first: @unity will play a key role in the development of the #VOXverse, a live, breathing virtual environment that will be our most immersive project to date. Keep an eye on the situation. https://t.co/gDIzj4BOib

June 9, 2022 — VOX (@TheVOXverse)

VOXverse avatars are expected to change according on their gaming experiences, according to sources. As a result, the characters’ personality will be infused with memories of their virtual adventures. To kick off this new process, the team will release VOX Souls later this month, which will aid in the shaping of in-metaverse features.


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