Twitter User Wilxlee Publishes NFT Guide to Red Flags

One of the more difficult aspects to understanding NFTs is knowing what not to do. In this article, we will go over some red flags and how to avoid them when investing in an NFT for your portfolio.

“NFT sales” is a term that has been used in the cryptocurrency world for a while now. The “NFT guide to red flags” by Twitter user Wilxlee, is an excellent resource for understanding what this term means. Read more in detail here: nft sales.

Dubious projects and outright deception are very uncommon in the NFT market, with the goal of defrauding unsuspecting collectors of their hard-earned money. As a consequence, Wilxlee, a good Twitter user and concerned citizen, has compiled a comprehensive list of red signs to watch out for.

The undoxxed team is at the top of the list. There is no reason, in this day and age, for any enterprise seeking millions of dollars not to be transparent. As a consequence, it’s best to avoid initiatives that don’t have this layer of responsibility.

Following that are the legions of false followers and massive memberships created to make the enterprise seem legitimate. Faking these figures, on the other hand, is a simple undertaking for those with little morals. While firms exist just to fill accounts with bogus individuals, Wil suggests checking out, which will rapidly examine any account for questionable behavior.

(complete list gathered) red flags in nft projects

February 18, 2022 — wil (@wilxlee)

The third item on the list is referred to as “manufactured hype.” Users should double-check these strong claims since it’s simple to fabricate a relationship or an endorsement. Is Gary Vee really promoting this phony ape account? Most likely not.

Then there’s the ridiculous mint price. Hyperinflated statistics serve as a glaring warning sign, signaling a possible cash grab in which the project leaders flee with the money. Immediately after that, predatory methods emerge. As a consequence, keep a watch out for floor sweeps, bans for questioning credibility, and other forms of harassment.

Finally, the “meta cliché” emerges as murky and ambiguous roadmaps, as well as a general unwillingness to handle legal problems, to bring the thread to a close. A viable economy will take years to build, so be on the lookout for quick launches and “copy and paste” roadmaps.

Overall, this is a fantastic foundation for any aspiring NFT collector. So, kudos to Wil for providing solid advise and information that should be widely disseminated across the NFT community.


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