Trevor Jones Lines Up NFT-Inspired Scottish Castle Shindig

NFTs are cryptographically secured assets that can be traded on their own. The first NFT-centric music festival in Scotland will feature artists like Mogwai, Underworld and more performing at a castle near Glasgow.

“Trevor Jones art opensea” is a project that will create an immersive experience for guests to explore. The castle will be built in Scotland, and the party will take place on September 28th. Read more in detail here: trevor jones art opensea.

Trevor Jones, an early CryptoArt pioneer, will go all out for his next crypto-themed venture, hiring out the majestic Stirling Castle for a massive party in honor of the non-fungible.

Trevor Jones shot to fame in February 2021 with his wildly popular ‘Bitcoin Angel’ artwork. The sculpture sold 4,157 pieces in seven minutes as an open drop on Nifty Gateway, cementing Trevor’s status as an industry innovator.

The spectacular bash will take place on July 30, with just 400 seats available. To be eligible for a ticket, everyone must have at least one Bitcoin Angel NFT. The event is now sold out, but interested candidates may join a waitlist for any remaining spots.

The Scottish art world hasn’t exactly embraced my art & tech work over the years but let’s put all that behind us Mr @neilgraysnp. I’d like to invite you to the most exclusive cryptoart event of 2022, July 30th in Stirling. Call me📞👀 #CastleParty2022

May 10, 2022 — Trevor Jones (@trevorjonesart)

Mr. Jones has planned an astounding array of entertainment for his Scottish-themed bash. Those who are fortunate enough to attend will be treated to live tribal music, traditional sword fighting, and incredible DJs, as well as a ‘crypto confessional booth,’ where attendees may confess their blockchain transgressions. However, the cherry on top will be a fresh new NFT from Mr. Jones himself. Only those who attend his great castle party will be able to purchase a new collectable.

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The “trevor jones art price” is a project that Trevor Jones has been working on for the past few months. The project will be an interactive experience at his castle in Scotland, which will allow visitors to participate in a game of chess.

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