Travel Industry Leverages NFTs in Platinum Pilots Project

Platinum Pilots is a project created by United Airlines and IBM to create the world’s first blockchain-powered travel system. The team are exploring how NFTs can help them gain more efficiency with their current cloud infrastructure, as well as new opportunities for data storage, marketing analytics, and recruitment of talent.

The “where to buy nft tokens” is a project that uses non-fungible tokens in the travel industry. The project has been successful and has led to more projects using NFTs.

As Web3 and post-COVID border opening continue to expand in lockstep, it’s about time someone combined the two inviting trends. RNTs are already seeking to fill some holes in the current world of travel and blockchain technology, but the ‘Platinum Pilots’ NFT project is attempting to go even farther by providing all of its holders with access to an elite travel-centric members club.

The 9,999 assets of Platinum Pilots NFTs are based on PFP NFTs of cartoon pilots drawn by Zurich-based cartoonist Gregor Forster, and they not only provide over 145 various aesthetic qualities, but they also function as an access card to an array of holders-only privileges. Entry into raffles for all-expenses-paid vacations in paradise locales, access to travel blogs handpicked by industry and local experts, and additional airdrops and giveaways are just a few of the rewards. 

The collection includes six packages for NFT holders, three of which are climate-friendly (Animal Support, Reef Project, and Local Tourist Support). The remaining three packages will be available around the time of the collection’s mint, which is expected to be around the end of June. Collectors are encouraged to buy a Platinum Pilot NFT as soon as possible to increase their chances of winning an exotic vacation packed with lavish activities and landscapes. 

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