Trading Card Romp Skyweaver Readies for Soft Launch

The Skyweaver is a trading card game that offers players the chance to test their mettle in an arena where they can compete against other enthusiasts. The game release on October 31st, and it’s creator hopes this will be a first step towards widespread use of cryptocurrency for gaming.

Skyweaver, an interdimensional trading card game, has announced its soft launch. Fans may now own and sell objects inside the Skyweaver ecosystem as of November 25.

Skyweaver is poised to enter its “soft launch” phase, after a successful beta period. That is, the player economy is poised to launch on the mainnet. Then, while playing the game, users may collect prizes and exchange them on the Skyweaver marketplace.

Because the soft launch marks the project’s next big milestone, all existing players’ progress will be reset to zero, ensuring a level playing field as Skyweaver evolves into a player-driven platform. The game will transition to a play-to-own model in the future, enabling players to earn silver and gold cards via successful competitive gaming, which they may then fight, sell, and give as they see appropriate.


This preliminary launch also symbolizes a transition to the Polygon network, where USDC is used for transactions. Skyweaver has also agreed to fund all gas expenses throughout the soft launch period as part of this great next step in the adventure. Current beta testers have the chance to win rare “Doom Shroom” and “Starfield” cards before the soft launch. To be eligible, you must first place on the beta leaderboard.

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