TOYO: The Nostalgic Action Figure Metaverse

On this emerging platform, you will bid and trade your virtual assets with other players. You’ll be able to buy, sell or even rent items in a competitive marketplace that is based on the blockchain.

TOYO is a metaverse that allows users to create their own action figure universe. Users can share their creations with others or purchase them on the marketplace. The Metaverse has been around since 2007 and is still going strong.

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Good morning, Seedify Community!

We’re excited to introduce you to Toyo today. Please join us on February 21 and 22 to hear more about the nostalgic Toyoverse and the impending Toyo Private Purchase and IGO on the Seedify Launchpad.

Our narrative takes place in a remote simulation in the far future, at a time when human greed and brutality have led in battles that have resulted in the extinction of many species, including the human race.

Toyos are sentient action figurines attached to particular individuals and created in the year 2140 with the goal of preventing violence by combating and resolving disagreements on their behalf. Toyos have been used to solve all of humanity’s issues, great and little, for years, averting wars and putting a stop to human strife. The world was at peace… Regrettably, the truce did not endure. In the year 2184, a massive conflict broke out, resulting in the annihilation of mankind and many other races.

In the absence of mankind, Toyos have lost their function, at least until today. With the temporary simulation connection established, it is now our obligation to restart the Toyo’s Heart-Tie module, restore the human bond, and assist them in regaining their purpose by recreating their world.

Toyos are sentient action figurines developed to defend and fight people using a cyber gadget called Heart Bond. The strength of the human-Toyo bond has an impact on the latter’s fighting performance. Toyo becomes more powerful and successful as the relationship between them becomes stronger.


Each Toyo is made up of ten separate NFT pieces. Head, chest, left arm, left hand, right arm, right hand, left leg, left foot, right leg, and right foot are the sections in question.

Players will be able to personalize their Toyos by collecting or purchasing various components and putting them together to create the perfect action figure. On the battlefield, Toyos with higher-value components or a solid mix of parts will be more effective.


Each action figure has a total of 12 separate statistics. Each component of a Toyo adds a percentage to the total of its metrics. While Toyos come with a basic set of attack and defensive movements, they may be improved by using higher-quality parts and attachables to unlock new powers and abilities, as well as raising stats via playtime and talents.

Each component is comprised of one of six technoalloys, a composite of plastic and other materials. Against various forms of assaults, each technoalloy has varied strengths and weaknesses.

Tiers of rarity

There are six rarity categories for Toyo body component NFTs: common, uncommon, rare, limited, collectors, and prototype.

While rarity does not affect a Toyo’s strength or combat effectiveness, it does provide a number of additional benefits. Rare parts provide players greater Play-To-Earn rates, less Heart-Bond loss in secondary sales, more attachment spaces, a better chance of finding rarer, higher quality parts in scavenging missions, and stat increases during genesis unpacking events.

Players’ success in the Toyo metaverse will be determined by their ability to strategically assemble Toyos utilizing the greatest available components and combinations of parts.


After putting together your Toyo action figure, players may start collecting prizes by playing the game. Gamers will be able to participate in a variety of PVP conflicts with other players, as well as perform PVE tasks and quests to collect tokens and NFT reward goods.

Toyo fights start with a range of physical punches and kicks, followed by special cyber assaults, combinations, dodges, and counter-attacks.

Players will be able to select their Toyo’s fighting plan before the conflict begins, with the possibility to adopt a different approach in each of the fight’s three phases.

Modes of Play


In PVP mode, users will be able to use their Toyos to fight against other players. Basic, Advanced, and Hardcore PVP modes are available. Toyo’s stats will be boosted via simple PVP encounters. Hardcore PVP battles are much riskier, with losers potentially relinquishing body parts from their Toyo to the winner. Advanced PVP battles will require an entry fee, with the winner receiving in-game tokens as a reward, whereas Hardcore PVP battles will require an entry fee, with the winner receiving in-game tokens as a reward.

Gamers will also be able to compete in relay team fights and thrilling tournaments with the chance to win big prizes.


In PVE mode, players will be able to earn tokens and NFT prizes by completing daily chores or embarking on daily, monthly, or seasonal missions and quests, overcoming obstacles and battling bosses.

Gamers will be able to send their Toyos on scavenger hunts for Toyo components. Players must plan which Toyos to send on these missions since less strong Toyos may not be able to return on their own, necessitating a rescue mission. Along with their primary Toyo, players will be able to deploy sidekicks to help them in their journey.

Players will be able to purchase, sell, and trade Toyo body parts, as well as other in-game NFTs, on the Toyo marketplace.

Lucid Dreams created Toyo, and the company’s long-term objective is to expand the Toyo mythos and brand via other types of multimedia, such as comic books, book series, movies, and so on, with Toyo NFT owners sharing in the profits.

The Toyo Metaverse is powered by a two-token system: $TOYO, which is used for governance, and $BOND, which is used for in-game cash.

$TOYO stands for Governance Token.

As a governance token, $TOYO will enable holders to vote on governance issues that will determine the Toyo Metaverse’s future. Staking $TOYO will also let token holders can receive staking income, treasury yield, and NFT airdrops depending on their ‘holding score.’

In-Game Utility Token $BOND

Toyo’s in-game P2E economy revolves on $BOND. It enables players to participate in complex PVP fights, modify Toyos, and more. PVP fights, in-game jobs, objectives, and quests, and creating and selling Toyo parts are all ways to make $BOND.

Now let’s look at the Toyo Private Purchase and IGO specifics, as well as how SFUND token holders may purchase $TOYO tokens on the Seedify Launchpad before they become public.

  • $TOYO is a Japanese word that means “toyo” in English.
  • Polygon is a kind of token.
  • 150.000.000 in total supplies
  • Mcap initial: $438.75K
  • Listing price: $0.30.30 for a listing.30 for a listing

Private Purchase

  • Private Purchase Date: February 21
  • $250K has been allocated (including 5 percent success fee)
  • Private Purchase Price: $0.2250
  • Round Vesting in a Private IGO: 5% TGE, 2 Month Cliff, 12 Month Vesting


  • IGO 22nd of February
  • $500K has been allocated (including 5 percent success fee)
  • Price on IGO: IGO Price: $0.30.30
  • Listing price: $0.30.30 for a listing.30 for a listing
  • Vesting: 10% TGE with a four-month vesting period

Please visit the following websites to learn more about Toyo:

Is this your first time taking part in an IGO? You may find out more about what an IGO is by clicking HERE.

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