Toyo Joins the CryptoBlades Round-Table!

The crypto industry is growing with new opportunities. One of these exciting prospects is the ability for non-fungible tokens to be used by game developers, offering players a unique experience each time they play. Toyo has joined the Round Table as an investor and strategic partner!

The “cryptoblade kingdom” is a new collaboration between Toyo and CryptoBlades. The partnership will see the release of a new line of products that are designed to be used in conjunction with the crypto blades.

CryptoBladers, we’re ecstatic to announce our newest cooperation with Toyo, and to begin, they’ve hired our CEO Philip Devine as an adviser! Toyo is a Polygon-based NFT Play-to-Earn game. NFTs, or Toyos, are action figurines meant to guard and fight for their people. These NFTs are linked via a cyber gadget called a Heart-Bond, which connects people and Toyos’ thoughts and emotions. The greater their relationship becomes, the more it affects Toyo’s feelings about their human and how they perform on the battlefield. Players will compete with the purpose of acquiring, customizing, and upgrading their Toyos while earning money in the process.

Collect tens of thousands of limited-edition Toyos and body components in a variety of styles and rarities.

With a large choice of body components accessible on their site, you may customize any Toyo. Players may customize their characters by changing their arms, hands, heads, legs, and feet.

Increase the worth of your NFTs by boosting their stats in training sessions or by participating in PVP fights.

We can’t wait to see where this cooperation leads us and to assist each other develop as projects! The private and public auction of the $TOYO token is now underway and will continue for the next week! To ensure your spot, check the Toyoverse website for launchpads and sale timings.

To learn more about Toyo, go to their website or follow them on Twitter.

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Cryptoblades’ official website

Here’s where you can learn how to play Cryptoblades.

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Cryptoblades General Discussion

Cryptoblades is a decentralized game, based on the Ethereum blockchain. The game uses crypto-tokens to create an in-game economy that players can trade and use for in-game purchases. Reference: how to play cryptoblades.

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