Topps and Curio Bring Mars Attacks NFT Mayhem to the Blockchain

Topps, the global leader in trading cards, and Curio Labs have joined forces to bring an interactive digital experience based around their latest Mars Attacks NFT card. This is a great example of how blockchain technology can give companies more opportunities to reach out to consumers with exciting new games.

Mars Attacks trading cards are one of the most iconic collectibles in the world. These trading cards were originally released by Topps in 1996. Now, Mars Attacks has been brought to life on the blockchain with Curio!

Topps has resurrected the legendary “Mars Attacks” collectibles for the blockchain era by unleashing the Martian plague onto the planet earth once again.

A limited-edition collection showcasing the chaotic aliens is now available on the Curio NFT platform. The designs pay homage to the original trading cards, which were produced in 1962 when the uninvited invaders terrorized humanity. As a result, it represents the ascension and descent of these mayhem-causing guests.

The collection consists of 55 distinct patterns that are offered in three levels of scarcity. Rare cards, for example, have historical graphics, Epic cards are animated, and Legendary cards have a “X-Ray scanning bar effect.” Collectors may also choose from three other packs: “Yellow” packs with 11 cards for $49, “Red” packs with 25 cards for $99, and “Green” packs with the whole set of 55 cards for $199. The Red and Yellow packs, on the other hand, have a chance to win redeemable additional material in the form of limited-edition NFTs.

“Watching From Mars” is the title of the card.

Mars Attacks initially appeared in the early 1960s and was a huge hit during the Cold War period, with original cards selling for thousands of dollars lately. The series was eventually taken to the big screen by Tim Burton’s film of the same name, and now Mars Attacks is back on the cutting edge.

Buy Mars Attacks Trading cards on Curio >> Here


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