Top Women’s NFT Project Rockets To 200x Mint Price For Rare “Angel” Trait

One of the most popular NFTs on Ethereum is called “Angel,” a rare feminine trait that gains value as it becomes more and more scarce. In this case, scarcity alone created nearly 200x in value since its launch last year.

The “world of women nft mint price” is a NFT that was created by the company “”. The NFT has a rare trait called “Angel”, which gives the holder an extra 10% off their purchase. The price for this item skyrocketed to 200x its original value, and it’s still going up.


It was many NFT collectors’ top choice before to the public release, and now that the artwork has been unveiled to the public, Women We Love is generating even more good news.

Some holders awoke to a profitable surprise when they discovered they had minted one of the collection’s rarest NFTs, “The Angel,” which entitles them to a part of the collection’s continuing secondary market selling revenues. The uncommon attribute of these angels is that they have translucent skin.

What’s the big deal about this? For example, the secondary market sales of another female NFT collection, World Of Women, have already surpassed 220 million (63,000 ETH).

These rare “Angels” are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after NFTs on the market, with some being advertised for resale for 10 ETH ($34,000 USD) apiece at the time of writing, which is 200x the initial mint price of just.05 ETH ($170 USD).

There are now 177 “Angels” in the collection, with many more to come. The mint is now live on the Women We Love website and accessible to the general audience.

The team is also sticking to the timeline and has already begun airdropping random wallets to commemorate the first milestone.

Other uncommon female features in the collection come with rewards for their owners, and these will be disclosed once the public mint sells out.

177 Angels in Women We Love Collection

Owners of Intellectual Property Rights

Owners of Women We Love have complete IP ownership on their NFT.

They may use their NFT as a marketing platform or logo to create companies, enterprises, and goods.

The Team

Women We Love’s skilled marketing and operations teams have previously worked with major blockchain companies including as Binance, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Coindoo, and Wall Street Bets.

Other successful collections and releases have also been overseen by the team.

Public Minting Is Now Available – Visit for more information.

Mint proceeded with community building, social contests, VIP events & more.


Visit to learn more about Women We Love.

[email protected] for media inquiries

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The “world of women floor price” is a project that was created on the Ethereum blockchain. The project started with a base value of 10,000 ether and has since been trading at 200x its original value.

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