Top NFT Tools for Tracking NFT Projects

Like it or not, blockchain is coming to gaming and the crypto market. Here are some tools that can help you track your token investments while they’re in development.

The “nft rarity ranking tool” is a tool that allows users to rank NFT projects based on their rarity. This can help people find the most valuable NFTs, and also helps investors decide which projects they want to invest in.

NFTs are growing in popularity as they fundamentally alter the realm of digital ownership, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Every day, new NFT projects are announced, and it is critical for people who have invested in NFTs or are considering doing so to keep pace of the most popular NFT ventures in order to make informed decisions.

Manually monitoring NFT projects is time-consuming, thus here are some analytical tools for tracking trending NFT projects to assist you tackle this issue.


BitDegree may be used to find and compare different NFT collections on the market. BitDegree is presently monitoring 357 separate NFT collections from three protocols over 58 different NFT markets at the time of writing.

You may use BitDegree to look for NFT collections that are open to the public and review their data for further information. Additionally, you may strengthen the analysis of any NFT by using a range of indicators available on the platform. BitDegree lets you construct a portfolio and monitor all of your favorite NFTs in one spot.

The greatest aspect about this application is that it keeps track of everything so you can make the best decisions possible. The most popular NFT collections are also broken down by BitDegree. You’ll be well-informed on which NFTs are now gaining momentum in the industry as a result.


Moby is an excellent NFT tracking tool since it gives the most up-to-date NFT information and feeds, as well as allowing users to monitor their holdings. Unless you upgrade to the Pro version, Moby is restricted.

When you upgrade to Moby Pro, you have access to all data visualizations, including historical gathering data, real-time feeds, NFT signals, and more, all of which will help investors do more in-depth research. Moby’s NFT rating system may assist you in locating the finest contracts and deciding which to invest in. is another tracking tool that can provide you with all of the relevant information on the best NFT collections on the market. You may also retrieve data based on any NFT’s price and volume.

On the official website, you’ll find a list of the top NFT collections, together with details on their total assets, collection value, floor price, volume, and sales. You may also search for forthcoming NFT collections on to see if there are any promising projects to invest in. Visitors may go through these NFT collections and learn about their asset worth, drop date, minting price, and other details. is a simple to use website that provides detailed information and aids you in locating particular information about NFT collections. When acquiring an NFT, the rarity is a crucial thing to consider. The most valuable NFTs, which have sold for millions of dollars, are very rare (rare) and highly sought after by all collectors.

One of the reasons for their high price is because of this (but not the only reason). is a fantastic resource for learning about and monitoring the NFT world. You may sort all of the NFTs on by their collections, average price, and even volume in ETH.

The ‘Trending Collections,’ which showcases some of the most popular NFTs from the previous day, is the first thing you’ll notice when you open The “leaderboard,” which contains all crucial information regarding NFTs, such as the floor price, volume, sales, and average price, is an original element of It includes a user-friendly interface that makes NFT analysis straightforward for even the most inexperienced users.

If you search through the ‘Discover Tab,’ you can locate the wallet addresses of some of the marketplace’s top buyers and sellers. When you upgrade to a premium membership, you’ll have access to full information pages for each NFT collection, which include the collection’s history and pricing charts.

NFT Releases a Calendar

NFT Releases a Calendar is a tool that keeps track of all the future drops. It will not only keep you up to date on all NFT will be held soon releases, but it will also notify you about freebies, events, and sales involving NFTs.

With the use of various search tags, you may also search for any specific NFT collection on this platform. Furthermore, the sorting option allows you to organize all of the NFTs by various criteria such as minting date, price, volume, and more. Users of the NFT Releases a Calendar can also submit their own NFTs to be listed for sale on the site. When it comes to NFTs, it’s essentially a one-stop-shop.


For a long time, DappRadar has been a go-to site for following the sales statistics of NFT collections. DappRadar has a portfolio tracker that allows users to keep track of their Ethereum wallets in real time.

DappRadar is a good alternative if you’re looking for a tool to help you keep track of your portfolios as well as a tool that shows the most popular NFTs in the market based on different periods. Apart from that, you may now examine the volume, traders, and sales of any NFT collection. Not only that, but DappRadar also lets you follow the most popular NFT collections and sales in real time.

NFT will be held soon

Another helpful tool for staying up to date on anticipated NFT drops is NFT will be held soon. This platform will inform you of impending NFT projects, events, drops, auctions, or giveaways. You can sort the NFT projects by popularity, time of addition, or even by upcoming projects.

To get more exposure, you can also submit your NFT to NFT will be held soon if you’re thinking about starting your own NFT project. NFT will be held soon will allow you to obtain attention and find a prospective buyer for your digital artwork. The NFT will be held soon live feed tool allows investors to study the trending NFTs that are being minted on the blockchain in real-time and gain additional insight into them.

NFT will be held soon can also assist you in promoting your NFT projects. You can put yourself in the spotlight to get better deals later on through promotions even before your project goes live. You can also get real-time data and insights for all scheduled NFT events on this platform.

If you’re interested in investing in the NFT industry, you’ll want to keep track of NFT will be held soon launches. Numerous NFT tracking tools are available to ensure that you never miss out on any popular or trending NFTs on the market. 


The “NFT Tools for Tracking NFT Projects” is a blog that discusses the top tools for tracking NFT projects. It discusses what these tools are and how they can be used to track these projects. Reference: icy tools nft.

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