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The top 5 move-to-earn games are all over the place in terms of style and genre, but they’re still immensely popular among crypto enthusiasts. These games have made it possible to earn cryptocurrency while playing a game you already enjoy.,

The deployment of blockchain technology to provide incentives for human actions has been a huge success. Play-to-earn games have been popular in recent years as a fun method to earn blockchain-based prizes via gaming. However, move-to-earn is a more recent notion that employs similar incentives to encourage human action.

Users gain incentives for engaging in fitness activities in move-to-earn games, which are a novel use of blockchain-based rewards. These game genres give money and incentive for exercising in a variety of ways, such as swimming, running, walking, or jogging.

Following the debut of Stepn in 2021, move-to-earn games became more popular. Employee-sponsored fitness awards, in which businesses compensate their employees for meeting health objectives, are the origins of the move-to-earn idea. The major goal of these games, however, is to enhance people’s lives. They encourage consumers to make their lifestyle a priority, resulting in a reduction in obesity and associated chronic problems.

Since the advent of STEPN, numerous other move-to-earn games have entered the market. We’ll go through a few of these games that have had a lot of success.

Top 5 Earn-As-You-Play Games

The rewards in move-to-earn games differ depending on the platform. After analyzing their data, most of these services reward users with utility tokens. Users are still rewarded for performing physical activity objectives, which is a selling factor. Here are the top five move-to-earn games without further ado.


By far the most widely utilized and popular move-to-earn platform is STEPN. STEPN is a mobile-only move-to-earn game that allows players to earn money by walking, running, or jogging outside in their NFT footwear. In 2021, the Solana-based project went on the market, and by 2022, it had become a huge success.

Since its introduction, STEPN has attracted a lot of interest and adoption, placing it ahead of rival move-to-earn ventures. It also has relationships with key blockchain companies including Binance, Solana Ventures, and a number of venture capital organizations.

The GMT and GST tokens are used to fuel STEPN’s dual token economy. The utility and incentive token $GST has an infinite supply and is controlled via a burning mechanism.

The supply of $GST is six billion dollars, with hyper deflationary dynamics. By staking their $GST tokens for yield incentives, players may earn passively.

How to Make Money Using STEPN

Players must purchase their NFT footwear, which might be a walker, runner, trainer, or jogger, in order to gain STEPN. Meanwhile, the characteristics and rarity of these shoes have a direct influence on players’ earning potential. Despite this, each of the 9,999 STEPN NFT shoes is a great place to start. On secondary markets, it has a modest floor price of 4.1 SOL ($160).



Calo is another BNB Chain-based move-to-earn health and wellness app. It offers SocialFi elements in addition to GameFi mechanisms.

Calo allows users to acquire NFT assets and earn a chance to improve their living via regular activities. It has two appealing game modes: Single and Challenge, in which players may record statistics and win rewards.

A dual token system powers the game’s robust in-game economy. $FIT, the primary utility, and the in-game token are among the tokens. It has an infinite supply, but it is controlled by a hyper-deflationary mechanism. There are also $CALO tokens, which are used to administer the game and make DAO decisions. Calo also has the following crucial features:

  • SocialFi
  • Marketplace
  • Wallet that is stored on the blockchain
  • Administration (Voting)

How to Make Money from Calo

To begin with Calo, players must first register and acquire new NFT footwear. The more the uniqueness of the sneaker, the more money it will bring in. In Single or Challenge mode, players may win tokens or NFT incentives by participating in different activities.

Step App


After STEPN, this next Avalanche-based move-to-earn game is a remarkable title. Step App, like STEPN, has drawn a large number of users with its appealing reward for partaking in fitness activities.

Step App has more than 9.2 million registered users ahead of its highly anticipated rollout in the third quarter of 2022, despite being a new addition. It has a sizable social media following on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

Step App, like STEPN, uses a dual token mechanism. It includes $FITFI tokens, which are used for staking, liquidity incentives, and buybacks, as well as governance tokens. Players receive $KCAL as a utility and reward token by engaging in fitness activities.

How to Make Money with the Step App

Step App is comparable to STEPN in terms of gameplay. To begin, players must invest in upgradeable NFT shoes. In exchange, individuals get KCAL token prizes for running or being in shape. To boost their profits and improve their experience, players may also engage in local or worldwide gamified events.

Microtransactions, staked play, and tournament gaming are all ways for players to make money. They may also make money by selling their NFT shoes on the market for cash.



Genopets is the first move-to-earn game to excel in promoting and incentivizing mental and physical wellness. Genopets allows users to maintain their health by engaging in gamified events in which they breed Genopets. Genopets are in-game characters that players may trade and raise in order to increase their earning potential.

Genopets is notable for its free-to-play structure, which lets users to begin earning without making any upfront commitment. NFTs and in-game tokens, on the other hand, may provide an extra income source.

The game, like its other rivals, has a dual token economy. $GENE tokens are used to make governance choices, while $KI tokens are used to reward players.



DotMoovs is a peer-to-peer (P2P) move-to-earn platform based on Ethereum. Apart from gamifying athletic events, DotMoovs uses DeFi, AI, and NFTs to reward users for competing in fitness activities with other players.

DotMoovs is a cutting-edge platform that detects the location of different limbs using AI and computer algorithms. Aside from that, there is an AI Anti-Cheating system that evaluates the trustworthiness of users’ data.

Users may make money with DotMoovs by sharing and exhibiting their sports activities, as well as competing with other users in challenges. To judge performance and distribute $MOOV token prizes, they only need to record their activity using DotMoovs’ AI video referee.

What Are Move-to-Earn Games and How Do They Work?


Move-to-earn games operate by gamifying health activities and combining health and lifestyle with blockchain-based incentives. These systems employ digital gadgets to gather data about users’ health and physical activities. It tracks and syncs user-generated data with various applications using the GPS capability of these devices.

In move-to-earn games, digital devices such as phones, fitness trackers, and wearables are employed. Data is submitted for evaluation, and gamers are rewarded with tokens. As a result, the larger the incentive, the higher the user activity.

Aside from user behaviors, the amount a player receives with these games is also determined by their initial investment or entrance barrier.

Games that require you to move in order to earn money have created an alternative and worthwhile motivation for encouraging healthy living. With more venture capital companies investing in these ideas and initiatives, it continues to gain momentum.

Meanwhile, it offers a fantastic method to make money from our typical everyday activities with little to no investment. The surge in the acceptance of move-to-earn games is reasonable in a world where the well-being of millions of people is at risk since it is as much fun as it is rewarding.


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