Top 5 Move To Earn Games

Cryptocurrency gaming is on the rise, this is a list of top 5 games that allow you to earn crypto by playing. These are some of the most popular and best-rated blockchain related games available today!

As soon as we believe we have a handle on the potential Web3 has to offer its consumers, another wave hits. Games that encourage players to engage in physical activity, such as walking, cycling, or doing something else completely, are known as “move-to-earn” games.

While some people would assume that the “play-to-earn” video games were the origin of the move-to-earn idea, that is not totally true. There have long been video games that demand players to actively engage in physical activity in order to advance. For instance, the 2016 release of Nintendo’s Pokemon Go required users to wander about in order to collect Pokémon species. Players would attempt to catch the animals by tossing Poké balls once they were within range of them and the creatures began to show on their screen. 

Similar to Move-to-Earn, users get rewards for taking part in physical fitness-promoting activities. They benefit from participating since they are rewarded for living healthy lives. An overview of some of the most productive move-to-earn programs may be seen below. This concept, which is a quickly developing component of Web3, allows consumers control over their personal data as well as the possibility to profit from it. Some Move to Earn NFTs cost a lot of money.

Top 5 Ways to Make Money with Games on Web3


STEP is a FitFi move-to-earn program that rewards you for walking and is based on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Users must purchase a total of 19,000 STEP tokens in order to take part. Users may stake their STEP tokens when they sign up for the game in order to earn more rewards. To qualify for prizes, you must walk a minimum of 4,000 steps each day.



Your exercise activities are tracked and converted into money by the Calo program using both a GPS tracker and a motion sensor. Any tokens or NFTs that you acquire have two options: you may keep them in the integrated wallet or you can sell them for a profit. The FIT token is used for in-game purchases, whereas the CALO token is used for administrative and utility functions. Additionally, by engaging in physical exercise, you may build stamina, with each unit lasting five minutes.


Genopets move to earn app

When playing the mobile role-playing game Genopets, players are rewarded with in-game money and NFTs for moving about. The game on the Solana platform aims to motivate users to live better lives by going on walks more regularly. I

To play, users must acquire a Genopet, a virtual animal spirit that is fused with the user’s personality. It is an NFT with the capacity to be enhanced and altered. They change when participants accomplish new tasks and update their information, which is represented by experience points (XP).



A game called Sweatcoin offers bonuses for walking or running. For every 1,000 steps you take, you get one SWEAT point. Next, you may use your SWEAT to make purchases in the Sweatcoin marketplace. The market offers electrical products, fitness gear, and gift cards. You may also use SWEAT to invest in other types of assets or cryptocurrencies. 


METz fitness app on Solana

Metz tracks user movements and converts them into real-time data using the G-Sensor technology included in every smartphone. It relies on physical activity and completing tasks for the NFT incentives to develop. It is supported by the Solana blockchain and works with mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.


Even if the market is being overrun with move-to-earn games as interest in earning on Web 3 grows, now is still a perfect time to try them out. Some of the well-known products on the market are mentioned below. To understand more about making money with Web3 gaming, you can also read our blog on play-to-earn games.

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