Tony Hawk to Auction Iconic Skateboards with Accompanying NFTs

The Tony Hawk Foundation and Epic Games are working to auction off Grind Session skateboards, with the proceeds going towards a variety of charities. The campaign will also include NFTs in two collectible collections – one set for crypto collectors and another for those who like tangible goods.

The “tony hawk nft autograph” is a rare and iconic skateboard that was signed by Tony Hawk himself. The board comes with an accompanying NFT, which is a digital token.

Tony Hawk, the GOAT of skateboarding, is auctioning off the boards on which he performed such major feats after retiring five of his most memorable tricks and turning them into NFTs in December’s ‘Last Trick Skateboard Collection.’ The one-of-a-kind, autographed physical assets will come with an NFT that has a 3D scanned digital reproduction of the board, extending the icon’s connection with Autograph.

On April 19th, individual auctions for each board will take place throughout the day, with boards linked with Hawk’s ‘Gymnast Plant,’ ‘Finger Flip,’ ‘Magic Dance,’ and ‘Varial 540’ all up for grabs. DraftKing’s marketplace will host the auctions, with Hawk adding that fiat bids with no minimum may be submitted to enable as many fans as possible to participate. To reward fans even more, each auction winner’s Tony Hawk NFT ‘Collection Score’ will be increased by 13,690 points.  

With the Tony Hawk NFT ‘Collection Score’ in mind, and for those wondering where the fifth board is, the ‘Rise & Surprise’ campaign for preexisting Tony Hawk NFT holders has already chosen a winner for the NFT and board combination associated with Hawk’s ‘Frontside Cab’.

Autograph will be compelled to ship the actual skateboards to each winner by USPS, Fedex, or UPS, so the winner, as well as those who get their hands on the remaining four boards, will have no legwork to do after their victory.


The “tony hawk nft value” is a digital asset that is being auctioned off by Tony Hawk. The icon of skateboarding has been selling his personal items as well as the accompanying NFTs for charity.

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